10 underrated vacation spots for you to visit in the Philippines this summer!

5. Unisan 


Different beaches litter the province to offer you a choice, as all are said to be rather isolated and untouched by aggressive commercialization. Punta Beach and Malatandang Beach are well-liked options. And according to those who’ve been there, Unisan Sands stretches on in a kilometer of creamy white sand and blissfully clean waters. It’s a great spot for casual fishing and relaxing as the surrounding area is still untouched.

You can get there by taking a bus to Unisan, Quezon.

4. Kiokong White Rock Wall


Travel guides warn that this is not for the faint of heart. This attraction in Bukidnon has you climb about 400 ft above ground so you can sleep on the slit of a mountain. It looks a lot like the sky cells in the Eyrie, for any Game of Thrones fans reading this. To go back on the ground, you get to propel all the way down.

If this is a little too extreme for you, the Kiokong Eco-Tourism Project has other activities you can enjoy. From rock climbing to taking a dip in the Blue Water Cave Pool, your options are far from limited.

You can get there by taking a flight to either Davao City or Cagayan De Oro and hiring a van to Kiokong.

3. San Antonio 


Zambales is always a good idea. Though relatively close and accessible to Manila, there are still several locales kept safe from overbearing crowds. This time, skip popular destinations like Subic and go for more low-key areas like the myriad of coves in San Antonio. Nagsasa and Anawangin are both known for its ashen beaches but are also known to attract a throng of people from time to time. Talisayen and Silanguin are good, quiet alternatives if the ashen shores aren’t a top priority.

You can get to San Antonio by bus to Iba then trike to Pundaquit.

2. Rapang Cliffs


Take yourself on a different kind of hike in what is supposed to be one of the largest uplifted corals in the world. Rapang Cliff is a landmark of Batanes with its jagged stretch of razor-sharp rocks. Completing the trek rewards you with a view of the Pacific Ocean that is without equal.

It is located in Itbayat island which also features the Torongan Cave and Mt Karoroban as tourist attractions. You can get there by taking a flight to Basco, then a 4-hour boat ride to Itbayat.

1. Silay City


Called by many the ‘Paris of Negros’, this location earns its moniker by being a city of history and beauty. Located in Negros Occidental, the city is well known for its preservation of culture, arts, and architecture. It has one of the largest collections of heritage houses and a church to rival the structures of Paris and Rome.

You can get there by taking a flight to Bacolod city, then a 45-minute bus ride to Silay.

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What’s your favorite little-known vacation spot in the Philippines? Share your recommendation with us in the comments!

Special thanks to the WIM Squad for helping me crowdsource this list!