IN PHOTOS: Dog photobombs every photo of a Google Street View car in Japan

Google Street View is an interactive feature of Google maps that allows you to navigate through different locations around the world.

The panoramas of streets and places are supposed to feel like a walk-through of the location. They enable this feature with their data capturing equipment, meaning they basically take photos using a car, trekker, boat, snowmobile, and more. 

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During a session of ‘data gathering’ in the Kumage district in Japan’s Kagoshima Prefecture the Google Street View car also happened to document the adventure of one brave dog. This happy pup caught site of the car and was immediately called to follow it.

dog follows google car 1

You can see the moment he sniffs out a challenge and gets ready to take it on:

dog follows google car 2

Then he’s off chasing it in wild abandonment, with seemingly no other purpose than to follow it to the end of the world:

dog follows google car 3

These photos had the internet calling the dog “slightly unhinged”:

dog follows google car 4

dog follows google car 5

And this was the end of the line for the Google car (literally, as it hit a dead end), although the dog didn’t seem to realize it:

dog follows google car 6

People are unsure as to what happened next as this dog’s documented journey ends here. We can only hope he continues to live a happy life chasing whatever object he wishes to.

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What was the best or craziest thing you’ve ever seen on Google Street View?