I Was Able to Relive My Hot Wheels Dreams Here!

I remember my old Hot Wheels collection: shiny, sleek, cool, and definitely the envy of every kid in my social circle back in the day. We also used to have a stunt track for Hot Wheels – one that’s operated by a simple rubber band. It wasn’t the most complex, nor the most complicated thing in the world, but it sparked my engineering dreams to come up with stunts that will send my collection flying.

Nowadays, I cringe at the thought of possibly destroying my collectibles. However, a minimum of a hundred pesos is all that it takes to relive the dream without the guilt, so I went for the Hot Wheels’ “Build Your Most Epic Stunt” event at SM North EDSA The Block recently. And quite honestly, kids and kids-at-heart all loved it.

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Hot Wheels_2

Will this Camaro transform?

Upon entering the venue through the loops, I was instantly greeted by a familiar-looking Chevrolet Camaro SS. Bumblebee? I might be wrong, but regardless, that muscle car looked fierce!

There were a ton of die cast cars in there up for sale, too – some discounted ones, some limited edition models, and a bunch of larger scale models for the more serious collector. Both the kid and the hobbyist in me were thrilled by the sheer number of collectibles for sale! However, the star of the show here might had to be the Stunts Factory.

Hot Wheels_3

Not the stunt that might bring your Hot Wheels up to speed, but it sure looks amazing in action.

Hot Wheels_4
Classic automated speed booster! With the right momentum, your Hot Wheels will zoom past that loop effortlessly!

The Stunts Workshop is where you we were taught combos for our next Hot Wheels stunts. There are multiple components to connect and build your next stunts. I personally want to build the perfect speed stunt… but I gave it to the kids for them to enjoy. Seriously, a lot of kids – boys and girls – went there to buy cars and play with the stunts.

Plus, the collector in me doesn’t really want to see beautiful die cast cars getting thrown around, dented, and scratched. It makes me cringe. While it was torture for my more mature collector self, the event tempted the kid in me to just shell out some cash and see some crashes. You absolutely CANNOT want to crash when you’re the one behind the wheel, after all.

Hot Wheels_5
Test your timing and strength! Hit the switch just right to make your car land in one of the baskets. The further you land, the higher your score!

Hot Wheels_6
Curious little minds with a knack for stunt engineering.

I really wish that this event was extended…or at least, it would come again. Hot Wheels, MAKE IT HAPPEN!


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