Create Epic Stunts with the Hot Wheels Trackbuilder

You know what I love about toys nowadays? It’s that you will never get sick of playing with them because of the many add-ons that you can get with them, and the countless possibilities that come with said add-ons.

Hot Wheels, for example, provides different types of toy automobiles to play with. However, the fun doesn’t have to stop there. You can also buy race tracks for your cars to race on and even do stunts on. One of the coolest track sets that we’ve seen of Hot Wheels so far is the Hot Wheels Trackbuilder Unlimited. As the name suggests, you can build your own epic stunts and enjoy unlimited action with it!

Hot Wheels Trackbuilder 1

You can re-arrange the track, re-launch the cars, and turn an awesome crash into an epic chain reaction and re-create your Track Builder world with this impressive set. The most fun part, though, is actually experimenting with how high you can go, how far you can jump, and how well you can aim to avoid a crash!

The Trackbuilder Unlimited line of toys includes launchers, crash intersections, measuring stick, a variety of orange track, assorted connectors and so many more! Kickstart your collection with the new and improved Trackbuilder System. Test your skills and challenge your friends with endless stunts and timing! Let your kids experience an epic childhood with the same toys that you played with as a child because, let’s face it: didn’t we all play with Hot Wheels (even the girls)? 🙂

Hot Wheels is exclusively distributed by Richprime Global Inc. and is available in all leading toy stores nationwide.

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