I Braved the Storm to Watch Ben&Ben Live

Being an OPM fan, I was extremely excited when I found out my favorite folk-pop band Ben&Ben was performing at The Warehouse. So, despite the distance, I braved the storm (literally!) just so I could hear them live. And guess what? It was worth it!

Upon entering The Warehouse, I was already in awe of their activity area. The stage was at the center, while tables and benches surrounded it. The best part? They had twinkling lights on the ceiling that looked like stars! I arrived pretty early because I wanted to avoid traffic and even then, there were already people seated at their respective tables. They were eating and drinking as they all patiently waited for the show to begin.

I Braved the Storm To Watch Ben&Ben Live

When my boyfriend and I were seated, we decided to order food and drinks. That’s when we discovered that they also serve street food – perfect for pulutan! Fried isaw and dynamite? Yes, please! It really made our experience enjoyable as the first band, Rubberpool, started their set:

1 - Ben_Ben at The Warehouse

After an energetic set by Rubberpool, Songs of Fridays took the stage and slowed things down with their unique sound and hard-hitting lyrics.

18 - Ben_Ben at The Warehouse

Marlon Bermudez and the Chasers were pure talents all throughout their set.

9 - Ben_Ben at The Warehouse

Watashiwats, a newly-formed band (only two weeks old), blew me away with their funky sound. My favorite part of their set was their rendition of Amy Winehouse’s song “Valerie” (which they definitely did justice to!).

After such an amazing line-up, it was finally time for the main event that we were all waiting for – Ben&Ben! The crowd cheered and applauded as they entered the room.

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I Braved the Storm To Watch Ben&Ben Live

Opening with their newly-released single “Sunrise” (also my current favorite song), I sang every word! A song about holding onto hope and looking forward to a new day, this anthem of positivity was the perfect way to start their set.

I Braved the Storm To Watch Ben&Ben Live

When vocalist Miguel of Ben&Ben said “Christmas in July”, I already knew right away what song they would play next: “Bibingka”. This beautifully-written masterpiece is a love story set during the Christmas season in the Philippines that highlights Filipino-Catholic traditions, not to mention the feeling of kilig. Who would have thought you could write a love story set during Simbang Gabi? Yup, Ben&Ben did THAT! So when I finally heard this song live – I sang every word AGAIN.

The next song they played was “Susi”, a track from the upcoming movie GOYO: Ang Batang Heneral. A song about rising up amidst adversity, this is definitely a song I’ll be listening to over and over again (especially on my bad days).

I Braved the Storm To Watch Ben&Ben Live

Ben&Ben then slowed things down with their song “Leaves”, a song about forgiveness. I sang my heart out singing, “Leaves will soon grow from the bareness of trees and all will be all right in time.”


The room was lit with flashlights when Ben&Ben sang “Maybe the Night”. It was truly a magical moment!

I Braved the Storm To Watch Ben&Ben Live

The first ever song I fell in love with from Ben&Ben was definitely the song they played next entitled “Kathang Isip”. There was a great energy in the room as people sang in unison. The crowd sang along loudly, reciting every word. During one chorus, the Guico brothers even stopped singing to let the crowd sing instead!

I Braved the Storm To Watch Ben&Ben Live

To close their set, Ben&Ben sang “Ride Home”, an upbeat song that had everyone singing and applauding. When the song ended, the crowd (myself included) screamed for more. But sadly, it was over.

After Ben&Ben, the band Sleepist closed the event with their wonderful set.

I Braved the Storm To Watch Ben&Ben Live

It was an enjoyable night with delicious food, overflowing booze, and great music. I was so lucky to have witnessed my favorite band perform live along with other talented local artists. And guess what? So can you!

The Warehouse Foodhub and Activity Center, in partnership with Night Owl Productions (a non-profit organization that mobilizes events promoting the local independent scene in the Philippines) will be getting some of the country’s hottest bands to perform in the food hub. Once a month, they are planning to feature one major artist along with a few up and coming independent artists.

So what are you waiting for? Plan your next barkada night and support our local talents at the Warehouse Foodhub and Activity Center!

The Warehouse Foodhub and Activity Center

54 Coronet St. Corner Consul St. Regalado Avenue, Quezon City


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