#HugotPaMore: Philippines Is One of the Most Emotional Countries Says Poll


It’s official, we are a country of hugot and more as a poll said that the Philippines is considered as the second most emotional country.

According to the Gallup 2015 Global Emotions Report, among the 148 countries surveyed in 2014, the Philippines is one of the most emotional countries, which rank along some Latin American countries.

The survey was done by measuring the daily emotions of the 148 countries by interviewing respondents, asking if they have experienced five positive and negative emotions in the previous day.

The top spot was obtained by Bolivia and El Salvador, which are tied with 59%.

The Philippines holds the second spot and is tied with Ecuador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Iraq with 58%.

At the far end of the result, Bangladesh is considered the least emotional country with 37%.

Negative emotions considered include anger, stress, sadness, physical pain, and worry. Positive emotions are feeling well-rested, being treated with respect, enjoyment, smiling, and laughing a lot and learning or doing something interesting.

According to Philstar.com, “An unnamed diplomat from the Philippines explained to Gallup that culturally, people in the Philippines are emotional.”

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