This is How Monkey Pint Went from Being a Pandemic Food Brand to a Real Business

We wrote about Monkey Pint’s irresistible banana puddings last year and raved about their flavors and general deliciousness. Honestly, I still crave and dream about their offerings every now and then. When we wrote that article, they were just a month old, and yet they already had us hooked.


The owner shares that they opened the business for one plain and simple reason: they love banana pudding. It’s their favorite dessert and ever since it was introduced to them by a friend, they couldn’t get it out of their mind. Since they could no longer visit the shop where they used to buy banana pudding during the pandemic, the craving caused them to do some research and make it themselves. Since it tasted so good (and yes, Monkey Pint tastes reeeeeally good!), the idea to open an online store was born.

Things weren’t exactly smooth sailing right away, though. In fact, the first week after their launch proved to be disappointing. Not even their friends showed any support.

“I remember our starting inventory was 40 pints and I was disappointed nobody bought any because they weren’t aware what banana pudding was,” they share. “They didn’t know what it is or how good it is.”

The owner admits that they wanted to give up, but when people placed orders a week in, they got inspired by their positive feedback. “They also shared that it was their first time trying it,” the owner recalls. “That’s when I realized that people really don’t know much about banana pudding because they’re more used to eating ice cream and cake for dessert. That’s when I realized there is a market for this.”

Monkey Pint 2

From those 40 pints per week, orders increased by the week until they started selling at least 100 pints weekly. Although more positive customer feedback poured in, there were still some major issues in terms of delivery. “It involved a lot of hard work and sleepless nights,” they share, especially since they’re based in Laguna. Some people complained about spoiled products and expensive delivery fees, but that did not break the owner’s spirit. In fact, they saw an opportunity to grow. Soon after that, they started a resellers program… which led to more fatigue and more sacrifices, but also more growth.

From there, they decided to open a production house to make the pudding in since their house literally started to look like a bodega. That’s when things started to become really professional. They started thinking about how to reduce the trouble of talking to different resellers and began dreaming even bigger. “Our goal was to look for a place that could function as a delivery hub and maybe even offer al fresco dining,” they share. Then, last April, they finally found the perfect place. A month later, they opened Monkey Pint Shaw.

Monkey Pint Store

Monkey Pint Shaw aims to serve their online customers more conveniently. Delivery people can pick up the products there with ease, cutting down on delivery costs and bringing their delicious banana pudding closer to the public. Aside from that, they are now also able to deliver every day instead of only taking pre-orders like they did before. “We really made it possible for all of our customers to access our products whenever they crave it,” they explain. “Since we can now take more orders, we can also help our banana suppliers make more money.” (All of their bananas are locally sourced, by the way!)

Monkey Pint 3

Of course, challenges still abound. However, as long as people enjoy their offerings, Monkey
Pint shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, they are all the more excited and inspired to share
what they have to offer with more Filipinos.

Monkey Pint Shaw

Inside YDG Coffee in Mandala Park, Madaluyong



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