Go Bananas Over These Irresistible Banana Puddings from Monkey Pint!

Banana Pudding is one of the most indulgent desserts one could ever enjoy. If you’re on the hunt for one to sink your teeth into, local brand Monkey Pint is one you should definitely check out!

Monkey Pint puts irresistible goodness in one package using ingredients familiar to the Pinoy tastebuds. They offer three different flavors: Classic Vanilla, Hany, and Chocolate.

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What instantly got me hooked to their puddings is that, unlike the many other banana puddings I’ve tried, they weren’t overly sweet. In fact, owner Sonie Gorospe shared that she likewise found the more popular brands far too sugary to fully enjoy, and decided that would be Monkey Pint’s differentiating factor.

“We try to depend on the sweetness of our Banana Pudding to the sweetness of our locally-sourced bananas. We have this belief that the longer the bananas stay in the pints, the sweeter it gets,” Sonie said. “This is primarily the reason why we don’t put much sweetener in our products. We believe that the sweetness of our local bananas is enough.”

Digging into each of the three flavors, you will be treated to varying textures that taste heavenly to the mouth once they’re mixed together. You get the creamy vanilla custard or chocolate pudding base, the spongey vanilla wafer cookies, and the delectable chunks of sliced fresh bananas—all creating one mouthwatering experience!

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Among them all, the Hany Banana Pudding stands out the most. The nutty texture just adds another layer of flavor into the dessert that makes it so addicting. As a huge fan of chocolate, however, I found myself reaching out for the Chocolate Banana Pudding the most for my post-meal treat. Of course, you can never go wrong with the Original Banana—simple yet oh so perfect.

Monkey Pint currently delivers to all parts of Metro Manila and nearby cities in Laguna, Rizal, and Cavite. Each pint (16oz) is priced at PHP 250 and is best eaten after chilling in the refrigerator within three days after opening.

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Monkey Pint


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