How I Got Introduced to The Third Eye Wellness and ThetaHealing©

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Allow me to share with you a real story which happened to me last April. I was feeling really down that time (about something personal) and aside from that, I was also suffering from stuffy nose and flu  for 2 weeks…. in short, I was having one of my worst days this year when all of a sudden, I had the chance to chat with my high school classmate Katrina Del Gado-Maderazo on facebook. We talked about lots of things about our lives, careers etc. It was during that conversation when she first told me about ThetaHealing©. I was like, “Wut?” I had no idea what it was. She just said it was a kind of  technique where we (yeah anyone even you) can tap into God/Universe’s unconditional love to receive manifestations and healings. Woaaahhh! Sounds big ey??  Like any ordinary being, I was a bit skeptical at first but of course I’m very much open to all ideas and things.

When she knew I was feeling really down about my situation, she asked me to show her a photo of the person I wasn’t getting along well with that time and then asked me if she could send me unconditional love and good vibes. Of course I said yes!.. only a fool would say no to that! She then asked me to also close my eyes as she meditated for a few minutes. After she finished, she said that she had a vision that everything was gonna be fine! I felt happy with what she told me and thanked her of course though I was curious on how she did it. Our chat ended and I continued on with my articles when after about an hour, I noticed something quite odd……. my runny nose stopped and that my breathing was completely back to normal! WTF!! After 2 weeks of struggling to recover, it was all gone instantly! yeah it was truly a WTF moment! I was soooo certain that it was due to the healing she did!  And the weird part was, she didn’t even have any idea I was sick! That incident immediately aroused my curiosity about ThetaHealing©! I told her about the news and was elated as well! I then began to ask her more about ThetaHealing© and she told me I should visit The Third Eye Wellness at the Fort so I can know more about it!


Katrina receiving her ThetaHealing© Certificate


After a month, her vision did come true, exactly like what she saw in her vision! Hearing her stories were also amazing! Instant miracles happened to her and her family! She felt really blissful and told me I should also try it out! By that time, I was really convinced this was something I wanted to write about. 

Last June, she invited me to attend a free ThetaHealing© session. Despite my full schedule, I really made time for it and didn’t set any travel feature for that weekend.

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The vibe of the center was really nice! Very calm and relaxing! They had a lot of clients that day and too bad I didn’t bring my camera so I failed to take photos. I had the chance to meet one of their healers by the name Ishilta and had a one on one session with him. He asked me about a problem which I wanted to solve, asked me if he could perform a muscle test and before I knew it, I discovered an issue which have been hindering my happiness all along!! A negative program instilled deep in my subconscious since childhood. I felt so relieved after it was replaced by a positive belief that I couldn’t stop thinking about it for days. I definitely FELT the changes in me. It was mind blowing!

The one on one healing session was followed by a group meditation and ThetaHealing© orientation  which was facilitated by Katrina Holigores. She discussed about the power of our thoughts and how it can affect our future. 

After the orientation, I toured around the center and decided to get pampered!

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I had one of my most relaxing spa experiences that day!


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The Chakra Cafe at the Third Eye Wellness offers an array of healthy drinks, smoothies and dishes! Stay tuned for my official food feature coming out soon!


So what really is ThetaHealing©? 

A definition of ThetaHealing© taken from Vianna Stibal’s ThetaHealing Website is: “ThetaHealing© is a technique that teaches how to put to use our natural intuition, relying upon unconditional love of Creator Of All That Is to do the actual “work”. We believe by changing your brain wave cycle to include the “Theta” state, you can actually watch the Creator Of All That Is create instantaneous physical and emotional healing.”  (from

Amazing ey?? I’m so excited to take my Basic DNA Class to learn and experience more about ThetaHealing©! 


I felt I was at the right place and time that day and I had no regrets in making an effort to go there. I was so satisfied with the happenings that day that I even bought a book and a meditation cd which I sooooo enjoy listening to! In my heart I knew that I will definitely return for I know I still have so many things to discover about myself! To discover things about myself sounds like a great adventure to embark in!!

Would I recommend this? OF COURSE! It’s a must to visit the Third Eye Wellness when in Manila!



The Third Eye Wellness 

6th Floor, 20th Drive Corporate Center (Jecoprime Building),

20th Drive, McKinley Business Park, 1634 Fort Bonifacio

contact #’s: 02 808 2984 / 0917 6362 800




How I Got Introduced to The Third Eye Wellness and ThetaHealing©

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