How I Book Appointments at My Fave Barber Shop Online

Photo from the Felipe and Sons Facebook page

My hair grows fast so I frequently go to the barbershop to have my mane maintained. I find the experience relaxing but what I hate about it is waiting in line. I enjoy being productive so I think it’s a waste of time to sit around waiting for an hour doing nothing. And because I go to a popular barbershop, the risk of a long wait is almost inevitable.

I recently discovered a new service that ends that. Base Up is a local startup that has partnered with barber shops, salons, and spas so users can book their appointments online and show up on their scheduled day and time.

I needed a cut so I used Baseup to schedule an appointment at Felipe & Sons. The process is easy. I simply went to the Felipe & Sons website and selected the branch I wanted to go to. From there, I chose from the services (all the services have their prices and a short description so you know what to expect) and selected the time I want to have it. And the best part? You can choose the barber you want to provide the service for you. I find this important because having your hair cut is a personal experience and you have to stick to the barber that knows how you like it. It was my first time in their Leviste branch so I chose “No preference.”

Photo from the Felipe and Sons Facebook page

When I got there, I simply said I booked an appointment and I was attended to and seated right away. I got a Cut and Rinse and they gave me the kind of service that I’ve experienced in their other branches, the kind that sets them apart from other trendy barbershops.

The experience was so hassle-free that I was in and out of Felipe & Sons in less than an hour. If it wasn’t for Base Up, I would have spent the morning worrying whether I would get a spot right away, or waiting if the place was packed.

You can use Base Up to schedule an appointment in all Felipe & Sons barber shops, and you can also book appointments in House of Handsome and TUF Barber Shop in Cebu.

Base Up is currently developing an app so it’s going to make booking appointments EVEN easier!


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