Hotsilog and Kinalas Among World’s Worst Dishes – Taste Atlas

Hotsilog and Kinalas made it to the top 50 “Worst Dishes in the World” by Taste Atlas.

Taste Atlas is “a world atlas of traditional dishes, local ingredients, and authentic restaurants,” with a catalog of more than 10,000 foods and drinks from around the world. On the website, users can rate each item if they have consumed it. And apparently, these two Filipino staples were ranked very low.

The noodle dish from Bicol with pork or beef brains and scraped meat from pork or beef head is no. 17 with only a 2.4 average rating. Meanwhile, the Filipino-style breakfast placed 36th with only a 2.6 average score.

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Taking up the top spot with only 1.4 stars is Russia’s Indigirka Salad, which is made with diced frozen fish combined with onions, oil, salt, and pepper. Canada’s pizza cake, Iceland’s Hákarl, France’s Anis de Flavigny, and Cambodia’s fried spiders round up the first five.

View the full list of the world’s worst-rated dishes below:


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