Hope In PH Public Service Restored: Netizen Shares Experience With Efficient Officers On The Road

Social media is often littered with viral tales of government ineptitude and faulty PH public service. These, however, are not the only stories that need be told.When In Manila, we recognize that there are still those duty fulfilling officers with good hearts. This is one such tale. Facebook user Risse Eraña posts about her experience after her family met an accident on the road:

PH public service

The post reads:

It’s not often that I praise a Philippine public service, but today I am extremely grateful for the efficiency and courtesy of TPLEX roadside assistance. One of our tires practically exploded on the way to La Union and they found us in five minutes, set up safety barriers in ten and had us back on the road in less than half an hour. Best part of all? When we tried to give them a payment as a thank you, they refused – “that’s what the toll fee is for, ma’am”. Thanks to Patrol Crew Gavanes, Labiano and Sgt. Cayetuna for rescuing us!

What do you think? Do you have a similar story with Philippine public service?