Hiwaga: Art in Island’s Newest Attraction Features the Philippines’ Beautiful Treasures

I first saw how darkness could create something beautiful when I visited a unique attraction in Singapore’s  National Museum. I remember wishing that something like that could be found in the Philippines, too. Fast forward to 2018, a year after my Singapore trip, and I am amazed by how that simple wish is now granted by the Art in Island 3D Museum through their newest attraction: Hiwaga, featuring the beautiful treasures of our very own country.

First things first, I just want to say that you should not judge a museum by its cover. I don’t know if that makes sense but I wasn’t really impressed when I first entered the great hall of murals in Art on Island. I liked how it was painted, but I thought that was all. Then, the lights turned off and the magic happened.

The light show was about the story of creation. With every transition of colors and scenes, the audience wowed in amazement. If you want to catch their 3D art + media art, just head to the central hall from 11AM to 7PM.

The main attraction, however, is the Hiwaga ng Pilipinas’ black light museum. I love how they showcase the different places and animals in our country. From the beautiful rice terraces to the different species in our ocean, they have it here. Fairy lights and beautiful neon designs fill the room to be magical and amusing for the visitors.

After walking through the museum, I felt a sense of pride to be Filipino. Hiwaga highlights the colorful and vibrant tourist destinations and festivals in our country, as well as the beautiful mythical creatures famous in the Philippines.

Art in Island’s newest attraction is definitely a must-visit, especially for kids. Aside from immersing yourself in our country’s treasures, they will also appreciate how amazing black light art is.

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