HIMYM: How I Met Your Most-Favorite-Filipino-Celebrity and How You Can Catch Their Attention Too

HIMYM: How I Met Your Most-Favorite-Filipino-Celebrity and How You Can Catch Their Attention, Too!

Think what you will, but Filipino celebrities FASCINATE me. Rayver Cruz once liked a photo on my Instagram and I nearly had a heart attack. Then, I was noticeably floating on a cloud for over a week after that (biggest crush… wink). Seriously, my coworkers and classmates were suspicious of my overly-cheery mood. 

It also fascinates me that Filipino celebrities tour around the world to reach their global Pinoy fans living away from home. The events are extremely popular and sell tickets like mad. It shows how loyal the overseas Filipinos are to their idols.

Canada, being the proud home of over 450,000 Filipino immigrants, is a large recipient of these events featuring Filipino celebrities. Pinoys here commonly round up their kabarkadas (hang-out buddies), purchase tickets together, and go to scream in unison for their teleserye crushes and favourite singers. Quite aggressively, too.

(Xian Lim pictured above in Toronto. Is he considered the hottest man in Showbiz? Find out here!) 


Last month, I had the chance to attend One Kapamilya Go 2014, a celebration in Toronto for The Filipino Channel’s 20-year anniversary. It was an all-day event, with sponsor tables and prizes, food vendors, interactive Bingo/raffle and, most importantly, an evening concert with Angel Locsin, Maja Salvador, Xian Lim, Enrique Gil, Gary Valenciano, Tart Carlos, Vivieka Ravanes and my FAVORITE… VICE GANDA.

(My Ilongga friend Sarah and I)


I must have looked so strange as the only Canadian girl in the crowd of Vice Ganda fans screaming to #BOOMPANES at the edge of the stage, hoping we would lock eyes.

It was my only goal of the day to have a picture with Vice. When my friends and I didn’t win the cast party ticket during Bingo, we felt defeated and heartbroken (even though we only had a 1-in-3,000 chance of winning it… we were so confident!). When Vice didn’t make eye contact with me and pull me onto the stage, I was crushed.

(Maja Salvador’s opening remarks)


Near the end of the show, while wallowing in sorrow outside the amphitheatre (by myself… I’m so weird) to go catch my train home, I noticed a cluster of posh cars near an exit of the building. I played cute and innocent and wandered up to them, looking lost, and there I found the beautiful (and HILARIOUS) Tart Carlos of Be Careful With My Heart. I shyly asked “Ate, pwede po ba tayong magpa-picture?” (Sis, can we take a picture?). She happily agreed, complimented my Tagalog, and I was content.


Then I heard a voice yelp from behind me in one of the posh cars. I turned around and was stunned to see it was VICE! Literally speechless, I eventually exclaimed “Parang iiyak ako! Pwede po tayong magpa-picture?!” (“I might cry! Can we take a picture?!”) to which he sassily responded “let’s go” and we snapped a couple of pics. I thanked him and hurried away, knowing I’d best not be a bother and draw a crowd of rowdy post-concert fans. I shook with excitement the whole way home and never stopped gushing about the occurrence.



If artista-studded events like One Kapamilya Go 2014 have the ability to give their global fans excitement, pride and a sense of home even millions of miles away, I’m all for it.

(Angel Locsin laughs alongside Maja Salvador)

Tips on catching the attention of your favorite artista: 

Stick around all day. Or as long as you can be in the area of the event. The Kapamilya star Bingo game was very interactive and Enrique, Xian and Maja all made surprise appearances. (My friend was freaking out because she touched Enrique’s hand.)

(I’m shocked Enrique Gil left with both hands still attached to his arms)


Make outrageous signs! The celebs actually really appreciated the artwork of their fans and called them out on them. Get noticed by showing your love for them!

(Maja Salvador looking adorable and fresh-faced)


Leave early. If you can handle it, leave just a little bit earlier before the event is over. That way, you will beat the crowds and you may “accidentally” bump into your idol trying to make his/her escape. Hehe, oops!

Upcoming events for Pinoys in Canada (or browse events in Manila here!):

TFC’S Fiesta ng Kalayaan ft. Sam Milby in Mississauga, Sat. July 26, 2014 @ Celebration Square, 12pm-10pm. Contact (905) 602-0923 for details.

Kultura Filipino Arts Festival ft. Carlos Celdran in downtown Toronto, from August 7-10, 2014. Contact Kapisanan Philippine Centre for Arts & Culture: (416) 979-0600 for details. (Read about Carlos’ recently popular Movie Tours of Manila here!)  

It’s Showtime! with complete cast in Toronto, Sat. Sep 20, 2014 @ Ricoh Coliseum, 6:00PM. Contact Great Smile Group: (416) 431-9444 for details.

Star Magic’s One Magical Night 2014, ft. Daniel Padilla, Kathryn Bernardo, John Lapus, Marcelito Pomoy and Kim Chiu in Toronto, October 24; Edmonton, October 25; Vancouver, November 1 and Winnipeg, November 2. Visit www.berceenterprises.com for more details.

One Kapamilya Go 2014 took place at the Direct Energy Centre and Ricoh Coliseum, Toronto. 
Direct Energy Centre: (416) 263-3029 / Ricoh Coliseum: 1-855-985-5000. 

HIMYM: How I Met Your Most-Favorite-Filipino-Celebrity and How You Can Catch Their Attention, Too!


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