Hilary Duff’s New Music Video Features Footage Of Her Tinder Dates

Hilary Duff just released the music video for her song Sparks but that’s not the exciting part. If it weren’t interesting enough to know that Hilary Duff is on Tinder (Yes folks, Lizzie McGuire is on Tinder. That basically means a swipe right can earn you a date with her!), the new Sparks video features footage of her actual Tinder dates!

Hilary explains, “In my life I’ve always had really serious boyfriends, I’ve always met people through work and I’ve never been on a blind date and so what’s the worse that can happen?”


And so, Hilary basically shot a music video and while simultaneously testing an app and attempting to find true love. Good on you, Hilary! I bet those Tinder matches didn’t know what they got themselves into. And, if the date doesn’t work out, they’ll always have the music video to memorialise that one time they went out with a celebrity. 

Have you ever been on a date this cool?


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