Tinder Now Charging Users: Would You Pay to Swipe Right?

Because of Tinder, true love can be a swipe away. But what if you had to actually pay to swipe?

Tinder had just announced the release of Tinder Plus: The Next Level of Tinder which gives users more, much awaited features. The Passport feature allows users to change locations swipe away in different cities and new destinations. The much coveted Rewind feature now allows users to take back those mistaken swipes.

The catch? You have to pay to get it.


With this newly released Tinder addition, normal users now only have a limited number of ‘swipes’ with the option for “unlimited liking capability” if you purchase the paid upgrade. 

According to Tinder’s website:

“Expressing interest in someone is as easy as swiping right on Tinder. The validity of the swipe is core to the Tinder experience. Tinder works best when swipes are genuine reflections of a user’s desire to connect. Limitations on rewinding and right-swiping give users more incentive to make sure their swipes are honest.”


Screenshot from Tinder’s blog

It has been reported that Tinder Plus would cost  a whopping $19.99 a month  in the US for those who are 30 years old and above, otherwise it is $9.99 a month for those below that age.

Tinder is a very popular dating platform with thousands and thousands around the world using it to meet new people. It is a phone application that allows you to browse through profiles of different people, according to your preferences, around your vicinity. The application generates “matches” according to people you’ve ‘swiped right’ or ‘swiped left’ to (a ‘swipe right’ is a yes and a possible match!). 

What do you think of Tinder Plus? Would you pay to get it?