Hide & Seek: This Eco-Friendly Cat Litter Is Made Out of 100% Cassava

Being a first-time cat owner, I was pleasantly surprised to see our one-month-old newly-adopted stray kittens instantly learn how to do their business in their litter box once we brought them home. Cat litter is such an essential part of having cats at home—they are literally naturally drawn to pee and poo in cat litter!

So, if you have cats, it only makes sense to choose the best cat litter; not just for them, but also for the environment.

Hide and Seek Cat Litter 2

The good news is that what’s said to be the Philippines’ first cat litter made out of 100% cassava is here! Hide & Seek is a revolutionary cat litter brand that offers an eco-friendly and safer alternative for your cats.

Made out of 100% natural cassava roots sourced directly from farms across Thailand, it’s a lot safer (perfect for new kittens!) yet it also has the best things about the cat litter you regularly use.

The Hide & Seek Cat Litter is quick clumping, safe to flush, and compatible with automatic litter boxes. It makes clean-up a lot easier for cat parents for sure.

Hide and Seek Cat Litter

When I first opened my pack of Hide & Seek Cat Litter, it was evident that this wasn’t like the usual types of cat litter we’ve tried. It looks completely different—like tiny pebbles of wood!

We instantly tried it out with a bit of water and it did clump up instantly, making it super easy to scoop up and dispose of. I also loved how there wasn’t any dust that flew into the air when we poured the litter into the litter box; no nose irritation, no weird things in the air, and no harmful chemicals to inhale.

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The scents are strong enough to mask your cats’ poop and pee, too! Currently, Hide & Seek Philippines offers scents such as Fresh Berries and Jasmine; but they also have the Natural variant if that’s what you prefer.

I love that I can be sure about our cats’ safety when using this cat litter. I’ve read numerous times that some cat litter can be dangerous due to chemicals and the dust that goes into the air when cats cover their business. But with Hide & Seek, I know exactly what my cats are using—and I know that it’s safe for them, for us, and for the environment. It’s a truly revolutionary product for cat lovers!

You can get your Hide & Seek Cassava Litter through their social media or through their official Shopee store here.

Hide & Seek Philippines


Shopee: hideandseekphils

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