Here’s how you can make your own FRNK drink at home!

Move over, Dalgona coffee. There’s a new drink in town

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Photos from FRNK Milkbar’s Facebook

The quarantine has given people a lot of free time. Whether it is binge-watching a series, learning a new hobby or taking online classes, being at home means finding ways to get busy. That’s why a lot of people have been getting creative in the kitchen— cooking up a storm, baking sweets, or mixing drinks here and there.

And speaking of drinks, one popular trend includes Dalgona Coffee. Named after a Korean dessert that looks similar to the end product, the drink is made with three essential ingredients— instant coffee, sugar, and water. The three are then whipped into an almost marshmallow-like consistency either by hand or with a mixer, and placed on top of ice and milk.

Thing is, this drink caters to coffee drinkers only. But for those who don’t want the caffeine, other variants include matcha or a milo version that’s made with the same process. Chocolate lovers, however, have something different— a Dark Cocoa Milk drink ala FRNK Milk Bar.

Just this April, FRNK Milk Bar released a new post showing sweet tooths and chocolate fans how to make their signature craft milk drink. It’s a straightforward and easy recipe that may not use the same ingredients as they do but still tastes good all the same.

How to Make it

The step-by-step guide can be found here. To make their Dark Cocoa Milk, these are ingredients that you’ll need:

Photo from FRNK Milkbar’s Facebook

According to FRNK, they use full cream milk for their drinks but depending on your preference, you can change it to low-fat or almond milk. And depending on the cocoa powder you use, you may need to change how much sugar you’re adding. If your cocoa powder is already sweet, you may lessen the sugar, but if it’s the unsweetened kind, you can add more.

Start off by making the Cocoa Drip Sauce. Combine your cocoa powder, sugar, and water in a pan and stir until dissolved over a gentle simmer. Make sure there aren’t any clumps. Stir occasionally until it thickens, and turn off the heat. Let it cool.

Next, brush the drip sauce around your glass, covering the rim. Then add ice cubes. After that, pour your milk over, and spoon the remaining Cocoa Drip sauce on top. FRNK even suggests garnishing your drink with Chia Seeds or Oreos.

Photo from FRNK Milkbar’s Facebook

And done! Enjoy your drink!

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