LOOK: These Chocolate Spoons Make Exquisite Cups of Hot Chocolate

Summer may not be officially over yet, but we’re already getting ourselves ready for the rainy days that are going to be here soon. Imagine hearing the gentle tap of raindrops on your roof while cozied up in a couch and surrounded by relaxing cool air. Sounds like a chill day in, right? Now imagine adding a mug of rich hot chocolate into the mix. A chill day just got a whole lot cooler.

Cocoa Boulevard is a newly established online shop that specializes in chocolate spoons. No, these aren’t spoons made of chocolate that you can eat as dessert after a meal. Cocoa Boulevard produces masses of pure chocolate mixes and adds a wooden spoon on top, making it a whole lot easier to mix up a good cup of hot chocolate.

Cocoa Boulevard was started by Michael Mendoza and Alyssa Garcia. Michael shares that the idea started from his longing for his childhood days when his Tita would make them delicious hot chocolate in Pampanga. While he was working his 9-5 job, he was also experimenting in the kitchen, trying to come up with the perfect formula for great hot chocolate.

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After countless hours of trial and error, he finally came up with a pretty unique hot chocolate product. Their hot chocolate stirrers were born.

“Unlike powdered hot chocolate, we’re proud that we make our products [from] scratch, that’s why it takes us quite a long time to make one flavor, at least 16 hours per flavor.”

Their products are proudly local. The cacao is sourced from Davao while the coconut sugar comes from Quezon. Plus, they’re quite guilt-free. You won’t find anything artificial in these chocolate stirrers. Michael lists down every ingredient in their packaging, so you can check for yourself.

Currently, they have 6 flavors available: Tsok Hot Chocolate (Filipino-style), Milk Hot Chocolate with Irish Cream Liqueur, Milk Hot Chocolate with Strawberry Cream Liqueur, White Hot Chocolate, and Dark Hot Chocolate. And yes, you read that right. They have liqueur flavors for those days when you need an extra kick.

What I loved the most about these chocolate stirrers is how easy they are to use. Just get a glass of hot water or milk, dunk ’em stirrers, and start stirring! You’ve got a cup of amazingly delicious and rich hot chocolate in just a few minutes–and a healthy and local one at that.

Really, though. Each flavor tastes amazing. To be honest, I even tried tasting it as it is–just the pure chocolate mass, without water. It was awesome. It’s pretty much a drink and dessert in one.

Now that the rainy days are pretty much here, why not begin to stock up on amazing hot chocolate stirrers? Make those rainy days something to look forward to with Cocoa Boulevard’s chocolate spoons!

Cocoa Boulevard

Contact number: 0917-370-8998
Email address: cocoaboulevard@pm.me
Instagram: @cocoaboulevard

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