Here Are Some of Our Favorite Shaun and Dave Ildefonso Sibling Moments!

Sibling rivalry what? We have our eyes on the newest basketball heartthrobs, Shaun and Dave Ildefonso. We can’t help but gush over their chinito good looks, slick basketball moves, and great sense of humor. Plus, their brotherhood keeps us all hooked!

And because we all deserve our daily dose of kilig and good vibes, here are Shaun and Dave’s cutest sibling moments that make us admire them even more!

Shaun Ildefonso Dave IldefonsoImage: @shaunildefonso / @ildavefonso on Instagram

Shaun, Dave, and their dad jokes.

We think they know. The way to a girl’s heart is through…DAD JOKES. 

Watch it here: 

Brotherly love on court

Here they are doing what they love, and exchanging back-to-back shots at that! 

Shaun and Dave as your fave but mapang-asar kuyas.

Won’t mind getting teased by these two! Just like how they tease their younger sister, Pia!

For Shaun and Dave, it’s family first. 

Nothing beats having someone who’s family-oriented. Just look at Shaun and Dave’s relationship with their fam! #FamilyGoals isn’t it?

Who are your favorite sport siblings? Let us know!