Happy mother’s day to the person who unexpectedly became my mom

You were not the one who brought me into this world but you were and still are the person who leads me through it.

Even though I did not come from your womb, you still cherished me as your child.

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My mom, me, and tita (our second mom)

Having me may or may not have been your choice but when the time came that I needed a nurturer, leaving me homeless was never an option for you. You put a roof over my head and didn’t leave me to starve. Life wasn’t always easy and when it did get rough, you were there. You stood by me throughout this journey.

Children inherit traits from their biological parents which is why they are expected to understand you above others. When kids act out, they’ll know what to do because they were once like that… but you and I, we’re different from each other. You did not have any idea on how I would have felt or why I acted a certain way.

Because of this, I rejected your guidance.


I rebelled against you because I felt like you didn’t understand me. That time, I didn’t know I couldn’t blame you.

Even then, you would always welcome me back into your home. I wasn’t the perfect daughter, not even to my real mother, yet you molded me in the best way you know how.

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I held on to the very first lesson in life that I learned as a child–everyone leaves. It made me fear any form of attachment with people. In my teenage years, everyone I encountered was just another face. As the old adage goes, “the only thing permanent is change,” and I held onto that for so long.

Now, I realize that you were making me look at the world from a different angle. You are proof that we can also move on from whatever hurt us in the past and live our own life moving forward with those who stayed. Growing up without a mom isn’t the end of the world. Rather, it’s an opportunity to bring love to even more people. Which is why this mother’s day, I believe we should not just celebrate the women who gave birth to us but also the people who took over their role when we needed a mother.

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Our family almost 12 years after our mom passed away

You redefined the essence of a being “mother” to people like me who didn’t grow up with their biological mom. For that, I am grateful for having you.

Happy Mother’s day!