Guilty Pleasures We All Love (But Let’s Just Say We Don’t)

A guilty pleasure is something, a movie, television program, or piece of music, anything, that one enjoys despite feeling that it is not generally held in high regard. It can sometimes be embarrassing and laughable, but it’s entirely human nature.

guilty pleasures

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having guilty pleasures. However, that doesn’t go without saying that we’d rather keep our odd quirks to ourselves than proclaim them to the world, with society passing judgement on us.

Here are a few guilty pleasures we know you secretly love… And we’re not here to judge. 😉


18. Justin Bieber: #SorryDefinitelyNotSorry

You turn on the radio. You hear a new upbeat song, good vibes blaring from the speakers. You think it’s another one-trick pony artist with a new one-hit wonder. Nope. It’s Justin Bieber.

Justin Biebervia Giphy

It’s not madness. It’s his newfound sound that everyone, fan or not, seems to really love. According to most music magazines and publications, JB’s new album possesses what is called a “Carribean-flavored house beat”.

Being a pop star with songs that induce LSS, questionable media headlines, and serious WTF moments caught on camera, Justin Bieber has amassed a ton of haters throughout his booming career. After hearing “What Do You Mean” and “Sorry”, among other surprisingly fresh hits, the Biebs has managed to convert even the most un-Beliebing of listeners.

Don’t say you don’t find yourself wanting to bust a move after hearing his latest singles. You may hate the artist but you can’t hate the music.


17. AlDub

Alden Richards And Maine Mendoza performes during the Eat Bulaga Tamang Panahon at the Philippine Arena in Bulacan October 24, 2015 / photo- Eat Bulaga

Alden Richards And Maine Mendoza performes during the Eat Bulaga Tamang Panahon at the Philippine Arena in Bulacan October 24, 2015 / photo- Eat Bulaga

The AlDub love team’s got everyone talking, following, and hash-tagging their every move. This duo has swept the nation with their phenomenal success, stemming from Maine Mendoza a.k.a. Yaya Dub’s dubsmashing antics.

Their noon-time Kalyeserye may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but no one can deny the bubbling chemistry between Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards, with the latter’s boy-next-door charms earning him the title “Pambansang Bae”.

Watch a few clips on YouTube or catch them on TV, and you may understand what everyone’s been all a-buzz about these past few months. You know you want to..


Here are more low-key guilty pleasures…

16. Anticipating likes and comments on your posts

When you post something on your social media accounts, do you ever think how people will react? A selfie, a funny video, your two cents on current issues. Whatever the post is, we’re pretty sure you anticipate or hope it will garner a lot of reactions. And when that notification pops up, you feel slightly irritated that’s just another invitation to play some game.


15. Reading the comments on viral posts

for the comments memevia Pinterest

Scrolling down your timeline, you see a viral post about a controversial subject, or an article about something you are vehemently against. You immediately check out the comments to see what other people are saying. Seriously, the comments section is like the modern day Roman arena where the public judge and execute. Unfortunately, this serves as a form of entertainment (and guilty pleasure) for most people.


14. Searching yourself online

Some people go soul searching, others simply search for themselves on Google. It’s a weird and fun addiction to see what results pop up. You almost feel nervous when you see a search result that might cramp your cred and rep.


13. Stalking someone online

Do you follow someone who isn’t a close friend but just someone you met in passing or at a certain event? You hung out once and that is the extent of your acquaintance with this person. Yet there they are one your newsfeed. Then you start to think what this person is really like. Before you know it, you’re scrolling through their 2012 timeline, dodging the Like button like a field of red lasers. Don’t feel embarrassed about doing this. Taylor Swift stalks strangers, too.


12. #Selfies

selfievia UK Telegraph

With great front cam quality, comes a great number of selfies. The popularity of selfies has spawned posts like #nofilter and #iwokeuplikethis. It’s the perfect way to fluff your ego and amp up your self-esteem. It’s also no wonder why the Selfie Capital is located in the Philippines. Look at me, I feel #instagood.


11. Food

weird foodvia Cambio

Bacon, steak, chocolate, burgers, sweets, chips, candy, potatoes. For people who love to eat, everyday is cheat day. Food is fuel, love, and oxygen. Food lifts us up where we belong, all we need is food!

Kidding aside, it’s pretty much a well known fact that Filipinos absolutely love to it. For whatever occasions we celebrate, the heart of it is food. Eating a lot is more than just a guilty pleasure, it’s almost become a cultural norm and an international badge of recognition.


Mmmm. Juicy stuff, huh? More guilty pleasures on the next page!

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