Guilty Pleasures We All Love (But Let’s Just Say We Don’t)

10. Showbiz juice

Showbiz gossip won’t solve our country’s problems, it won’t make us smarter, it doesn’t posit profound arguments on current affairs. It’s really all fun and rumors, hearing he-said she-said stories of the latest showbiz happenings. We all love a good “he did what?!” story.


9. Scrolling before bed time

What is it about social media that gets us scrolling through our feeds before we turn in? It’s almost like clockwork to you how you lie in bed about to go to sleep when you instinctively reach for your phone and mindlessly scroll away.

Reasons for scrolling before sleeping may include: hoping to get a few good laughs, checking your notifications, or just seeing what transpired on Facebook when you last checked your phone 10 minutes ago.



It used to be just Tales from the Friend Zone, now there’s a wanton of stories about heartbreak and #hugot. On the bright side, I guess it’s easier for the heart broken to accept their situation since there are a lot of people out there going through the same thing. For as long as people fall in or out of love, hugot stories will continue to dominate the interwebs.


7. Listening to 90’s songs

spice girlsvia Giphy

In gigs, whenever performers or bands play a 90’s song in their set, they’re always met by cheers of ohh’s and aww’s from the crowd. One reason why 90’s or early 2000’s songs still resonate with people today is because back in those days, bubblegum pop dominated the airwaves. Boy bands, girl groups, the cheesy costumes, catchy tunes, the works. We bet you still memorize a few songs from the Backstreets Boys or the Spice Girls. Yeahhhh.


6. On the catwalk

Ever walk down the street or a sidewalk pretending like you’re a model on the runway and you feel other people’s eyes following you? You’re too sexy for this sidewalk, and they can stare away for all you care! It feels quite satisfying to strut confidently and feel like everyone’s eyes are on you, especially if you’re listening to your MP3. Instant background music. Make way.


5. Re-reading comments, posts, texts, tweets, that made you kilig

Yes, we know you do this. Nothing to be embarrassed about though! Back-reading your posts and revisiting your selfies with a hundred or so likes gives you an instant self-esteem boost. More so if a crush left a comment.


4. Binge watching TV series

binge watchingvia Giphy

Most of us look forward to weekends, not just because school or work’s out but because it’s when we can lie in bed all day catching up on our favorite shows and movies. It certainly is one of the best ways to be lazy. You simply cannot stop watching, especially if the last episode you saw was a cliffhanger. “The next episode is the last episode” is one of the most oft-spoken lies since “I’ve read all the terms and conditions.”


3. Super weird food combos only yourself can appreciate

Milo with rice and eggs, cookies with ketchup, bacon with chocolate syrup. Your personal unorthodox food pairings have been your tried-and-tested comfort food recipes since you were a kid, and they still work for you today. Other people may be totally weirded or grossed out but who cares? Steak + nutella = love.


2. Thinking about good comebacks in your head

Ever gotten into a verbal tiff with someone online or in real life and you totally got bummed out that you weren’t able to say the last line, the way they do with such bravado in the movies? You sometimes revisit that conversation in your head and you think of all the rebuttals and comebacks you could have totally told that person. The French have a term for this: esprit d’escalier. In Filipino, we refer to this as sayang*.

*I hope you know that this is a joke.


1. Day dreaming

daydreamingvia Happy Monkey

Day dreaming is probably one of our most favorite past times and guilty pleasures since Juan Tamad. In your head, you’ve built up this rock star, all-star, star for all seasons version of yourself. It feels good to think of what-ifs and scenarios where you come off as the hero.

Dream on, my friend. Dream on.


Got any more guilty pleasures? Share them with us! …Or not. 😉