Kris Aquino to Quit Showbiz in 2016?

Kris Aquino to Quit Showbiz in 2016?

Kris Aquino to Quit Showbiz in 2016

Kris hinting at quitting showbiz by 2016 on her morning show KrisTV

There are only two emotions whenever the topic of Kris Aquino comes up: you either love her or hate her. There’s no middle ground, no “she’s okay,” no gray area. Which is why when you read the title of this post, you either screamed in joy or sadness. That’s right, she’s *possibly* quitting showbiz in 2016, the same year her brother, PNoy, will step down from the presidency. The year will also coincide with her 18th year in showbiz.

According to her, “How much longer can I work at this level that I work? And fame is so fleeting. Sobrang suwerte ko na 18 na years na ako dito. May cutoff din ako. Sinabi ko na after 20 years, sana I can walk away gracefully. Siyempre naman kailangan mabuhay ng mga anak ko.” (I’m so lucky that I’ve been here for 18 years, but I have a cutoff. I hope I can walk away gracefully after 20 years.

I have to let my sons live.)

To support her children, Kris has bought a franchise of a restaurant she is endorsing. She clarified that she purchased the franchise using her hard-earned money, not as an x-deal from her endorsement. She plans to buy more franchises in the future.

Kris Aquino to Quit Showbiz in 2016 2

“Am I really going to quit showbiz?”

But she made the same promise of quitting showbiz in 2010, when her brother was still running for the presidency, and again in 2013, when she was having legal battles with her ex-husband James Yap. Will she finally quit showbiz this time around?

You may be happy or sad to see her leave, but imagine how boring showbiz would be without the Queen of All Media.

Do you think she will actually quit showbiz? And you think she should quit? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!  

Kris Aquino to Quit Showbiz in 2016?