Get The Flawless Skin You Desire with Care To Bare : The Home of Korean Skincare

When in Manila it’s so hard to get the flawless skin you desire because there’s just too much pollution and it’s always hot whenever you step out of the house. I’ve experienced this frustration ever since adolescence hit me and started commuting. My mom told me not put anything fancy on my skin (like facial wash or moisturizer) because that’s what she did before. However, the sad truth is that my mom and I don’t have the same skin. She has smoother and fairer skin than mine so I need to put extra effort on my part to get better skin. 


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Now that I am 23 I am proud to say that I’ve started to take care of my skin more–by having a daily skincare regimen and by regularly visiting the derma. This includes my recent visit to Care To Bare. They have 3 branches: Marquee Mall, Ali Mall, and Robinsons Metro East, the third is the nearest one in my area. The best thing about it is that they offer vanity services straight from Korea!


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This is a big deal because Koreans are known for their soft, supple, and ageless-looking skin. Another is because they offer high-tech services and skincare products that are not offered by dermas here in Manila. In short, they have an innovative way of improving skin–through non-surgical treatments. It’s basically K-beauty in an instant without experiencing any pain. 


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