Game Changers in Digital Marketing: What’s Trending?

In the digital marketing world, change is always constant. So, it’s no surprise that 2023 is shaping up to be a year of big changes. Do you want to know which digital marketing trends will dominate in 2023 and which you should apply to your business?

Truelogic Managing Partner Berns San Juan shares several major trends that will shape the way we experience digital marketing in the coming years.

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1. Gathering zero-party data through practices like form building.

In 2023, zero-party data is going to be more and more important than it ever was historically. Your website is your own asset. And so, the customers that make inquiries, the leads that you acquire, the email addresses that you solicit, the phone numbers that get submitted, they belong to you? Well, no, they belong to your customers, right? But you have access to them.

“Captive data allows you to segment your audience, to such a detailed level. Your customer database is your own. You are not reliant on third parties, aggregators, or data brokers to provide you with data. I strongly recommend that if you haven’t started building out your customer database, start building your customer database today,” San Juan said.

2. Email marketing for product launches and small businesses becomes more influential.

Email marketing specifically for activities like product launches or for small businesses has become more and more and more influential. There was a time when email marketing was not posh, but they are beginning to become a trend again because there are just tool providers and software companies that are helping you automate and simulate the care that you would have for your customers.

Millennials are very susceptible to email marketing. But if you’re targeting Gen Z, maybe not. This is probably not the channel they’re on. But if you were targeting people born in 1983 or 1986 and earlier, you might want to use email marketing to drive awareness, educate people, and drive consideration.

3. Real-time messaging platforms will be great for data collection.

Real-time messaging platforms, Facebook chat, is like inside your website. Not only is this great for data collection, but it is also great for having a one-on-one conversation with your users. So real-time messaging platforms are going to be a big deal if you have the bandwidth.

More than that, if you also started running more and more campaigns where the action, you’re looking for is for the target audience, the potential customers to start a chat with the brand. So real-time messaging platforms may be a game changer for you. This may be a source of conversion for you. This may be a source of user acquisition for you.

4. User-generated content is growing

This one is more forbidden for established businesses and brands but SMBs are nimbler at doing this. If you are an e-commerce website, do your users have an opportunity to publish a review about a product? Do they have an opportunity to rate a product? Do your customers have an opportunity to ask other customers what they thought about the product? These are examples of user-generated content. This one for 2023 for the Philippines, is relevant.

5. Influencer marketing will continue to boom.

Influencer marketing is going to continue to grow. We are going to see it grow on Instagram, and on Facebook and we’re going to see it grow still on YouTube and on TikTok.

6. Shoppable Livestream content

If you are an SMB, you might want to figure out how this is done. And the advantage is you won’t be the first. There are already some good Filipino live sellers that do Livestream content. Learn from the best, right? And then make it your own.

7. Outsourcing to digital marketing agencies will be popular.

Digital marketing agencies are going to be more vital than ever. It is going to be more integral to brands. It is going to be more instrumental to businesses than ever, not less.

“There are a dozen professions that touch your website if you work with a marketing agency, right? A project manager, a Google ads manager, a graphic artist, a Facebook ads manager, an SEO specialist, a content strategist, an actual writer, and a marketing assistant, in varying volumes, right? You’re not necessarily getting one of each if you decide to have an in-house,” he underscored.

8. Chatbots will be found on more websites for user experience.

Chatbots, for better or for worse, they’re here to stay. When you employ a chatbot, do not delegate all your customer experiences to your bots. The best way to employ a chatbot is during your off-hours or off-peak hours run them. Or on your most basic frequently asked questions, sure, run them. But always give your customers an avenue to talk to a person because we like talking to people.

9 The rise of machine translation in multilingual content marketing

There are a lot of AI tools that are going out there. There is a rise in terms of how intelligent online tools and Google itself, by the way, are getting at translating multilingual content.

“Start experimenting with technology, with machine translation, especially if there’s a target market where you perceive, you can create genuine value,” San Juan emphasized.

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