LOOK: This Gallon Water Bottle Will Motivate You to Drink More Water

Mimiyuh has a song called DYWB (short for “Drink Your Water, B****!”) for a reason. Admit it: you don’t drink enough water every day. Whether it’s because you’re totally in the zone at work or it simply isn’t your top priority in life or you’re just too lazy to get up and grab a drink, drinking enough water isn’t always easy.

Although it really depends on how much you weigh, health experts generally recommend drinking around eight glasses (two liters or half a gallon) a day. If you need help drinking enough water on a daily basis, check out this cool gallon water bottle we found on Shopee!

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This BPA-free water bottle comes with a locking flip-flop lid, making it perfect for the gym and beyond.

QuiFit Gallon Water Bottle

Whether you need to hydrate as you work out or simply want to amp up your healthy lifestyle by drinking more water during the day; having this by your side will constantly remind you to drink. It even comes with time “stamps” to remind you what time to drink and cute reminders at each level like “Good morning!” or “No excuses!”

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QuiFit Gallon Water Bottle 4

The cap comes with a large spout for easy drinking, as well as a dustproof cap that is easy to remove with one hand. If you are worried about the weight because you typically drink with one hand, it even comes with a handle so you won’t have trouble carrying it or bringing it around. It also has a strap so you can easily bring it wherever you go.

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QuiFit Gallon Water Bottle 2

You can also use the water bottle for tea (but don’t drink a whole gallon of tea, please – too much caffeine will eff you up) or add lemon slices or ice cubes into it without getting annoyed by them hitting your mouth since the water bottle has a filter net to avoid that from happening.

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QuiFit Gallon Water Bottle 3

It is also available in a wide range of colors so you can choose one based on your personal preference. The shop also has several vouchers available where you can get 40 pesos off, 88 pesos off, or a whopping 300 pesos off!

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