Friends and The Big Bang Theory Stars In One Photo Are Freaking Out Fans Everywhere

Be still our sitcom-stricken hearts!!

Two of the greatest sitcoms to have ever graced television have just crossed over in one photo and fans CAN’T. STOP. FREAKING. OUT.

The iconic FRIENDS ensemble, and the awesome cast of The Big Bang Theory joined each other in a super memorable photo op! Penny, Sheldon, Leonard, and Howard just created total #SquadGoals with Ross, Rachel, Monica, and Joey in a picture that’s one for the books.

Friends Big Bang Theory

Looks like this is how it would be if we died and went to TV show heaven!!

The stars of both shows were present at an event honoring renowned TV director James Burrows in an NBC special, recognizing Burrows’ achievements.

The highly successful Friends had a 10-year run which ended in 2004, while The Big Bang Theory, one of America’s most highly-watched TV shows, is currently on its ninth season.

Um, Chandler and Raj, you can come out now!! (No pun intended.)

Thoughts on this? Are you a fan of both shows?? Tag the biggest Friends or BBT fan you know!!