Finger Lickin’ Good: Hot KFC Manager Photo Going Viral

First there was Pietro Bosseli, the beautiful specimen of a man, who was a math teacher and also a successful male model. Then, Manila’s resident hot doctor, Mark Agas, almost broke the internet. Hot boys are everywhere, it seems and all you need is a quick eye to scout them out. Our next cutie sighting will leave you craving for chicken– KFC to be exact:


KFC: Sarap to the bones!

The photo above was uploaded by a Facebook user after dining at KFC NLEX and spotting the cute manager. For the first time, it isn’t the gravy that people want more of. 



Photo Credit: Christopher Sengseng’s Facebook Page


hot-kfc-manager-5Photo Credit: Trendingnewsportal.com

Online research, however, tells us that he is already married and a father to a cute son. That does not stop all the girls from gushing over this hunk eye candy. It seems that a KFC visit is in order and for the first time, the chicken won’t be the highlight!

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