“Hot Doctor” From St. Lukes Is Breaking The Internet

It’s funny how the internet can catapult the most random of things to popularity overnight.

In this case, it’s this hot doctor from St. Luke’s Medical Center that has been winning the hearts of Pinoy netizens overnight!!

It all started when a 28-second video clip posted by a certain “Papa Ethan” on Facebook went viral, introducing the hot resident ophthalmologist, Dr. Mark Agas.

Watch the video for yourselves below:

A trip to Dr. Mark Agas’ Facebook account shows that he has been a resident ophthalmologist at the St. Luke’s Eye Institute since 2013, and that he finished Medicine at the University of Santo Tomas in 2011. He also took up his bachelor’s degree at the University of the Philippines, and dabbles in modelling. Besides being one brainy hottie, he was also a Cosmo 69 bachelor last year!

Mark Agas hot doctor St. Lukes 3

But really, what is not to love about this well-rounded doctor? Besides being an opthalmologist…

He loves dogs…

Mark Agas hot doctor St. Lukes


And seems to be well-travelled…

Mark Agas hot doctor St. Lukes 4


He obviously has a gorgeous lineage as proven by his equally hot brothers…

Mark Agas hot doctor St. Lukes 2

I think we’ve gone blind… good thing he’s an eye doctor!

But unfortunately ladies, he seems to be taken!

A quick look at his Twitter page shows retweets from Kara Gozali, indicating a relationship between the two.

Manila Bulletin also uploaded a screenshot of a retweet by the doctor, which seems to have been taken down as of late.

Mark Agas hot doctor girlfriendStill, if there’s one thing we’re grateful for, it’s that he’s made those trips to the doctor much, much less dreadful!

Are you a fan of Dr. Mark Agas? Will YOU be having your eyes checked soon?