Beauty and Brains: Hot Math Prof is a Successful Male Model

Math is not my cup of tea. I cannot compute anything to save my life.  Growing up, I never really had enough motivation to study it.

College kids in University College London, however, can’t say the same. Meet their math teacher: 


The great specimen of a man pictured above is Pietro Boselli. He is a successful model who has worked with the likes of Abercrombie & Fitch. In 2014, he was the European Fitness Model Champion. He has a PhD in engineering. He also happens to be the math lecturer.

Student Arief Azil was equally surprised when he made the discovery after a quick search of Boselli’s name on the net. Boselli’s Instagram account has over 64,000 followers and for good reason.




His Linked In account shows us that he is not just another pretty face with a smoking hot body. 


Yes, the math prof is a hunky male model with a Phd. He hails from Italy and is currently signed with Models1. 

math-teacher-model-pietro-boselli math-teacher-model-pietro-boselli1Photos from the Models1 website

Just imagine this man teaching you math.

I would have paid more attention in class.