Felt It: Fabulous Handmade Felt Products

When In Manila, we all need to start appreciating the various handmade and locally made products we have. Recently, I’ve been spotting a lot of cool and unique handmade products that would be perfect to give as gifts. Some of these locally made accessories are Propaganda jewelries, Hodge Podge and My Fabric Projects.  They’re perfect because they’re cute and unique, just like these fab accessories made of felt from Felt It!


Felt_It_Handmade_Felt_Products_10Felt It: Check out the variety of products they make


Felt It: Fabulous Hand Made Felt Products

“Felt It is an online handcrafted treats shop that offers uniquely designed pouches, bookmarks, bagtags, accessories and toys all made with love and the ever-reliable FELT.”

They officially launched their online shop back in October 2011 and have been creating more and more unique accessories and products ever since. Imagine if all the items in your bag were made from felt, that’d just be so cool!  Sorry but I’m biased as I am preschool teacher, and these kind of stuff really work for me! They’re just so cute and adorable, not to mention unique too!

Each item is carefully handcrafted, making sure that no two products are exactly alike. Apart from our available products, Felt It also accepts customizations, huge orders, or totally new projects you want to try to “felt!” As they like to say… “Like it? Felt It!”


Felt It: What Makes Them Special

I love felt products because they’re affordable and durable. Do you know how many preschool teachers use felt in class? A LOT! And kids love them too. So what makes Felt It different anyway? Well for one, each item is carefully handcrafted. Secondly, each item is unique so as no two products are exactly alike. Lastly. they “Felt It” according to your desires. Make a request and see how their magic works!

Here are some of the fabulous products Felt It currently has:

1. Felt It Long Pouch: multipurpose pouches that fit bills, gadgets, eyeglasses, etc. It has a snap to keep things from falling out – lined with cotton fabric for an extra layer of protection

Felt_It_Handmade_Felt_Products_02Felt It: Cute Micky and Penguin long pouches (P150)


Felt_It_Handmade_Felt_Products_03Felt It: Polka dots on the inside of my Mickey long pouch


2. Felt It Character Pouches -3.5×5.25 inch slip-on pouches that fit most phones like iPhones and blackberries. These cute pouches are also lined with cotton fabric for that extra layer of protection.


Felt It Character Pouches: Just a few samples of the many characters to choose from! (P200 each)


Felt_It_Handmade_Felt_Products_05Felt It: My iPhone 5 fits perfectly in this Elmo character pouch


3. Felt It Pencil Topper – these cute toppers may be transferred to other writing tools of your choice. They also come with a free pencil upon order.

Felt_It_Handmade_Felt_Products_01Felt It: Ladybug and Bumblebee Pencil Toppers (P50 each)


4. Felt It Blossom Bands — elastic headbands for the young and young at heart – customizable elastic measurements to fit perfectly whether for newborns, toddlers, teens or adults.

Felt_It_Handmade_Felt_Products_11Felt It Blossom Band: Isn’t it cute? Would be perfect for a little girl. (P100)


Felt_It_Handmade_Felt_Products_08Felt It: I found another use for the Blossom Bands too! Here, I used it as a cute book strap! (heehee)


5. Felt It Blossom Barrettes – light and simple pop of colour for your hair

Felt_It_Handmade_Felt_Products_09Felt It: Feeling like a little girl with my yellow and orange blossom barrette (P50)


6. Felt It bookmarks: cute custom made bookmark with the character of your choice.

Felt_It_Handmade_Felt_Products_06Felt It: Minion bookmark


Felt_It_Handmade_Felt_Products_07Felt It: Using my minion book mark while reading Bro. George Gabriel’s awesome book


Weren’t all those items just adorable? The best thing about it is that you can always customize your order! You can change the color, add some flare, lengthen straps, etc. Everything is fully customizable to your taste, making any product the perfect fit for you!



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