Handcrafted Gifts by My Fabric Project

When In Manila, it’s always fun to give gifts that are unique and one of a kind. Personally, I find these unique gifts online through Facebook and Instagram rather than the malls. A few weeks ago, I found an online shop whose items are all handcrafted and from the heart – My Fabric Projects.

My Fabric Projects is an online shop that was established last April 27, 2012 by Ms. Myra Paulyn Logro. It’s one of the many online shops today that create and sell handcrafted items that vary from hair clips to purses and even bookmarks.

So what makes My Fabric Projects different?  Let me count the ways!

1. Let me start with the obvious, it’s different buying an item from My Fabric Projects because their items are all handcrafted. A lot of their works even have dual purposes.

My_Fabric_Projects_WhenInManila(06) My_Fabric_Projects_WhenInManila(07)

The pictures above are of one pouch – the reversible pouch that is. The reversible pouch is a two-on-one pouch that you can simply flip over to get another print. Why bother buying 2 different designs and waste money when you can have them both right? Sulit!

2. My Fabric Projects is an advocate of art, recycling and social responsibility. Not only are all their works handcrafted from the heart, but all  their projects are also made of earth-friendly fabric; has a hand-made touch and a heart-made finish.

 My_Fabric_Projects_WhenInManila (03) My_Fabric_Projects_WhenInManila(05)

Cute tissue cover by My Fabric Projects

A example would be this tissue cover. It’s an essential for us girls to bring a small pack of tissue when on the go, but have you noticed how that tissue usually “explodes” in our bag and gets all dirty? Other times, it’s just crushed by all our stuff that we just couldn’t seem to find it when needed. This tissue cover protects our pocket and travel tissues in our bags. Not only does our tissue look neater, it’s also easier to find!


3. The team of My Fabric Projects believes that every piece of fabric, regardless of how big or small it is has a purpose. Hence, instead of throwing away excess fabric, they find ways to use it and make even more handcrafted masterpieces. What may seem as trash or junk by most can still be transformed into pretty little projects that are both cute and useful.

My_Fabric_Projects_WhenInManila(01) My_Fabric_Projects_WhenInManila(02)

These bookmarks are good examples of how fabric is recycled at My Fabric Projects. Instead of throwing away remnants of fabric from bigger projects, they instead turn it into smaller but still cute and useful designs. This is in coherence to their “no waste” policy. The bookmarks also have different designs on each side to give book lovers 2 bookmarks in one!


Another way they recycle excess fabric is too turn them into hairclips and keychains. Aren’t the colors just adorable?

4.But that isn’t even the best part yet! Whenever My Fabric Projects makes a sale, a part of the proceeds goes to their chosen orphanage and social institution.

5. Moreover, the My Fabric Projects team also does several outreach projects in selected institutions and teach basic sewing and different crafting projects to participants.

So When In Manila and you want to own or give something unique and from the heart, check out My Fabric Projects!  On the other hand, if it’s jewelries you’re looking for, you can also go ahead and check out Propaganda!

My Fabric Projects



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