Handmade Jewelries and Bohemian Love in Propaganda’s Soul Flower Collection

Handmade jewelries can be found all around the metro, but have you seen anything unique lately? I have with Propaganda, specifically their Soul Flower Collection!
When In Manila and you wanna look chic and cool, check out Propaganda’s beautiful handmade accessories, I’m sure there’s something in there for every girl.
As I was browsing Facebook one time for random pages, I came across Soul Flower. I always found Bohemian themed clothes and accessories appealing so I immediately fell in love with them from the moment I saw their page. Recently, Soul Flower has changed its name to Propaganda. Their previous works however are considered part of their Soul Flower collection.
Handmade Jewelries and Bohemian Love in Propaganda’s Soul Flower Collection
Soul Flower is a small handmade jewelry business developed by Janina Arias and Patricia Peralta, who are both DIY enthusiasts. Making jewelry and other things with their hands have been their hobby since they were little. They both grew up helping out in their Moms’ jewelry businesses, so their first toys naturally were beads. They’ve been friends since high school and continued to hang out after college and around 2010, a few years after college, they started to consign some of the jewelry they’ve been making at Janina’s Mom’s store. In a couple of months, they were encouraged by their parents to start their own bohemian line of jewelry and named it Soul Flower. They were both attracted to colorful patterns, natural stones and other natural materials like paper, leather, and wood so they incorporated these materials in their designs. They eventually gained a following from women who generally subscribe to the bohemian motif and those who appreciated handmade. 
I loved all Soul Flower has to offer, my favorite however were the Boho Stack Bracelet. It’s always fun to put bracelets together to mix and match, but why bother when you have this? What I love about the stack bracelet is that they’re just permanently connected. Somehow, it looks like a bangle with a twist. I practically use it to match any outfit I have on.
 Handmade_accessories_by_Soulflower_WhenInManila_03 Handmade_accessories_by_Soulflower_WhenInManila_02
Doesn’t it look gorgeous? The Boho Stack Bracelet is also perfect for girls like me who aren’t that good in randomly matching accessories. heehee
Next on the list is the DMC Braid with Pink Suede and Tassel Bracelet. It’s similar to the Boho Stack but only has two braids instead of 6. I like the color combination and the simplicity of it.
I also decided to match it with Propaganda’s Wrap Around Two-Toned Genuine Leather Cuff. I like the color of the leather cuff. Unlike other leather bracelets, Propaganda’s leather cuff was two-toned, making it not only easier to match, but making anyone who wears it look more fashionable. Oh, and yes, that IS genuine leather.
The Double Wrap-Around Bracelet (Brown Suede Braid and Turqoise Beads) on the other hand somehow brought me back to my high school days. I remember buying those really long bracelets or necklaces and just wrapping it around my wrist. Propaganda’s wrap-around bracelet is twice as nice because they use two strands instead of one – making this wrap around bracelet extra special.
I like the combination of the brown braid and turqoise beads. The brown braid looks more subtle and simple while the turqoise beads adds a little feminine touch.
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