The Famous Sponge Cakes of Jim’s Recipe are Now in the Philippines

Have you seen those videos of jiggly cakes spreading around the Internet, but don’t know where to find them? Look no more because Jim’s Recipe is finally opening a branch in Mall of Asia, Manila!

Jims Recipe 2

As the name suggests, this bakery’s specialty is Jim Wong’s very own creation carefully crafted with 18 years of patisserie experience. With that kind of expertise, it’s no wonder why it became such a hit in countries like Malaysia, Singapore, and China; garnering long queues of people who just had to get their hands on these fun, delicious sponge cakes.

You might think that something this different would require the use of extravagant ingredients. On the contrary, they actually only use five simple, readily-available home staples: fresh milk, coconut oil, flour, sugar, and eggs.

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The secret behind it lies in the quality. Sean Uy, the owner of the first Jim’s Recipe here in Manila, shares that they only use prime ingredients to perfect the authentic hand-creation that our neighboring countries enjoy. The eggs, for example, are specifically sourced from a trusted farmhouse and are replenished daily to ensure the utmost freshness.

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In addition, everything else is also done with ultra precision: from the exact measurements of the ingredients down to the marking of the cake. The process has been done through and through, allowing the staff to master the art of making sponge cakes consistently.

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With about 75 minutes of baking time, what you can expect in the end is a glorious-looking and appetizing bun that is then laid out in front of you before being sliced into 10 cakes at 12 x 20cm (one order is good for 2-3 people!). For the finishing touch, each slice is stamped with the Jim’s Recipe logo, signed, sealed, and delivered.

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One slice only costs Php180! They also have a cheese variant at Php250. And takeout boxes are available, too.

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Jim’s Recipe is different because it’s always fresh from the oven. It isn’t stacked on racks waiting for customers to buy them. No. Each order is piping hot, so you can really savor that melt-in-your-mouth goodness. If you prefer a denser sponge cake, just refrigerate it before eating it with black coffee the following morning. These sponge cakes can last in the fridge for a whole week, so don’t fret!

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What are you waiting for? Head to Mall of Asia and try out Jim’s Recipe! Don’t forget to follow their socials, either!

Jim’s Recipe

North Arcade, Mall of Asia, Pasay