SM Mall of Asia is perfect for a food tour and here are our recommendations

Photos by Caitlin Rodil 

WHEN IN MANILA, you can expect good food to be all around the metropolis. Whether it’s traditional Filipino restaurants, fusion, or theme-inspired cafes and restos, WE HAVE IT ALL!

SM Mall of Asia is one of the biggest malls in the Philippines and it’s the haven of everything that one’s wildest imagination could ever think of. And that includes food! If ever you’re thinking of going on a food crawl, the mall is a good bet because it’s home to quaint yet relaxing coffee shops, all-out buffets, and unique food concepts.

Here are some of the amazing restaurants featuring distinct dining concepts you’ll find at one of the world’s largest malls!

7. Fatburger (Level 1, Main Mall)

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Known for their fresh-never-frozen and cooked-to-order lean-beef, chicken, turkey, lamb, and veggie burgers and sandwiches, Fatburger is among the leading burger chains in the US. The Los Angeles-based chain features some of the most irresistible food items one could ever imagine since they started operations in 1947. 

Calling all the certified foodies! Here are their delicious food items:

Sweet Potato Fries (P105)

Looking for a twist with your typical fries? Fatburger’s Sweet Potato Fries will leave you and your tummy wanting for more!

Onion Rings (P95)

Are you big on Onion Rings? If you are, then these ones won’t disappoint you! I highly recommend you pair these with their equally scrumptious burgers.

Buffalo Chicken Wings (between P175 – P695)

Love Chicken Wings? Have no fear! Fatburger’s signature rendition of the classic Buffalo Chicken Wings will keep you going back for more.

Cookies & Cream and Chocolate Milkshake (P235)

Looking for an outlet for your sweet tooth? Their milkshakes are there to save the day! They are best enjoyed with their fresh burgers and sides.

6. Jin Joo Korean Grill (Level 2, South Main Mall)

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Are you an avid K-Drama or K-Pop fan (like me)? Have you ever wanted to channel your inner love for Korean Food by doing it just like how they do it in the dramas? Gladly, Jin Joo Korean Grill is in SM Mall of Asia!

Ready to channel your inner Kim Bok Joo? Here we go with their best-sellers!

8 Flavours (P1,560)

Personally, I love Samgyupsal! Imagine bacon being grilled until it’s crisp and wrapped around lettuce leaves to make a Ssam. Delish! To take it up a notch, Jin Joo took the crowd favorite and marinated them in 8 different flavors – such as garlic, curry, red wine, and many more! This is truly a MUST-TRY!

Steamed Egg – Gyeran Jjim (P130)

Have you ever wondered what it would be like not to chew your food at all? If you did, then try this! The minute I took a bit of this dish, it immediately melted within my taste buds while tingling me for more.

Beef Stew – Galbi Jjim (P390)

Beef short ribs are cooked slowly in a sweet and savory broth along with potato wedges, enoki mushrooms, and many more ingredients.

 Grilled Baby Back Ribs with Cheese – Cheese Deung Galbi (P950)

Love cheese and barbecue? If you do, then this would definitely be up your alley. Grilled baby back ribs are dipped in a rich cheesy sauce ’til it becomes like pizza!

Army Base Stew – Budae Jjigae (P940)

Have the guts for spicy soup? Then, you’ll enjoy this. Ramyeon (ramen) noodles, Tteok (rice cake), tofu, enoki mushrooms, and an assortment of meats are simmered in a very addicting soup.


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