What to Do in Singapore with PHP 10,000

Literally translated to “Lion City”, Singapore is proving to be fierce and proud by being a pioneer in extraordinary developments in various fields. Their architecture, modes of transportation, technology, and city system are top-notch and widely-coveted, never ceasing to amaze its ever-growing amount of tourists.

Crazy Rich Asians Tour in Singapore
It’s truly a place where advancement and indulgence intertwine, but that doesn’t imply that you have to be a crazy rich Asian to experience all that. There are ways to enjoy Singapore and appreciate its beauty without costing you an arm and a leg.  With Php10,000, it’s possible to make your trip to Singapore worth it – just book your essentials, tours, food and other adventures through Klook.

Klook has several activities for you to book, ranging from a trip to a museum to a gift certificate to a famous restaurant. Aside from being an easy guide on what to do in a certain place, what makes this app special is that you get all of it at a cheaper price and you can save time on queues. It’s as simple as picking your desired item, deciding on when and where you’re going to use it, e-purchasing your ticket, and showing the voucher to the merchant upon arriving at the booking.

Here are some stuff we booked with our Php10,000 budget! Total breakdown at the end of the article!

4G Sim Card (Php423)

It’s important to buy a Sim Card. You’ll never know when an emergency might arise and you need to contact your companions, so it’s better to buy a local sim ahead of time and just pick it up at the airport when you arrive.

This sim comes with 500 mins local calls, 100 texts, 20 mins international calls, and a whopping 100GB of data for 7 days. Let me tell you: their Internet is fast and you won’t run out of data too quickly!

Airport Private Transfer (Php1,498)

A private car can transport you to your hotel in no time to minimize the hassle of looking for a ride and the time spent queuing for one. Once you get to your accommodation, we suggest you try living like a local and commute from there onwards. Not only will you save a lot of money, which you can then use for food; but you’ll also maximize your stay in the City State.

This private transfer usually accommodates three people.

Gardens by the Bay (Php850)

Gardens by the Bay is located within the Marina complex, so you can do several things with this deal. You’ll get access to all parts of the enclosure, including a pass to the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest.

The Cloud Forest is ethereal with its intricate skyway surrounding a manmade forest. You’ll walk along an elevated path where you’ll see plants and trees of different kinds and the world’s tallest indoor waterfall gushing down from a 35-meter mountain of lush vegetation.

Art and Science Museum (Php692)

This child-friendly tourist destination will ignite your imagination and leave you awe-struck by how they used science to create visual wonders. If you look for this museum online, you’ll see that their most famous attraction is the mirror of lights. You’ll see why when you visit!

National Gallery (Php538)

Some might find galleries uninteresting given that there are other places that can be deemed as an adventure. However, looking at the famous works of the country and the other States that molded it can be quite invigorating. You’ll also get to understand what influenced and what still influences their culture.

The National Gallery has the biggest collection of Southeast Asian art and is home to some of Philippines’ National Artists like Botong Francisco, Fernando Amorsolo, and Juan Luna.

Satay by the Bay (Php269)

Singapore is known for their hawker centers, which are communal spaces where you can enjoy authentic street food that is sometimes even better than in some restaurants. Luckily, you can get a S$10 gift certificates for just Php269 or S$5 – that’s twice as much food to devour!

Satay by the Bay has everything that Singapore has to offer: Chinese Food, satay, curry, and even dessert. We loved everything and we recommend getting some roti prata, satay, and Singaporean iced coffee.

Burger King (Php95)

Give yourself a treat whilst abroad. Even though this is fast food, you’ll savor each bite in Burger King’s Turkey Ham Croissan’wich!

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Central Perk (Php615)

This joint is inspired by the hit series “F.R.I.E.N.D.S.” and is a must-visit in Singapore if you are a fan. You can also book a much more affordable plate through Klook.

If you’re a die-hard fan, you’ll fall in love with Central Perk from the set down to the witty menu inspired by different “F.R.I.E.N.D.S.” characters and episodes. With the Klook voucher, you can get a special dessert called “Edible Helium Balloon”, which is exactly what it sounds like: candy on a breadstick will be inflated with a helium balloon and you’ll be asked to inhale the helium just for the fun of it. Did you know you’ll get a squeaky voice when you do? After the laughter from this entertaining interaction, you can eat the candied breadstick along with their specialty ice cream. It’s really good!

Beppu Menkan in Raffles Place (Php985)

Singapore is generally known to be humid , but it can get a bit chilly at night. Weather like that calls for some good ramen. We found a ramen house in Raffles Place where they specialize in spicy ramen and other authentic Japanese dishes.

Using this deal will give you two of their signature ramen bowls – not bad for the price!

Sentosa Express Ticket (Php154)

The next two items are both located on Sentosa Island. To get around the place, it’s advisable to take the Express Train. With this voucher, you won’t need to buy single-journey tickets for the train as it gives you unlimited access to places located around the island.

This is a necessity when you’re planning on going to Universal Studios.

S.E.A. Aquarium (Php1,258)

You won’t have to fall in line at the ticketing booth if you get an e-ticket to the S.E.A. Aquarium as it will lead you straight to the largest aquarium in Southeast Asia. The magnificence and splendor of these marine creatures will send shivers down your spine as you see them in their almost-natural habitat up-close and personal.

They have a shark passage, which is simply indescribable.

Universal Studios (Php2,633)

I don’t necessarily enjoy theme parks because I am afraid of heights, but Universal Studios has the magic to give each visitor the time of their lives. I came in doubtful of the place, but came out glad that I visited the land of fun.

There are several parts to the park, each with different movie themes. You can pass by the Kingdom of Shrek in the kingdom of “Far, Far Away”, Jurassic Park, Madagascar, The Mummy, and many more. Every corner has designated restaurants, rides, and booths.

Personally, I really enjoyed the theater set of Steven Spielberg. You might say an extreme ride is better than watching a short set, but the experience was crazy. We were allowed to watch how the king of movies plots out his set and I’ll bet all my money that everyone in that room enjoyed it immensely.

So here’s the budget total and breakdown for all of this:

4G SIM Card ₱423.00
Airport Private Transfer ₱1,498.00
Gardens by the Bay ₱850.00
Art and Science Museum ₱692.00
National Gallery ₱538.00
Satay by the Bay ₱269.00
Burger King ₱95.00
Central Perk ₱615.00
Beppu Menkan ₱985.00
Sentosa Express ₱154.00
S.E.A. Aquarium ₱1,258.00
Universal Studios ₱2,633.00
TOTAL ₱10,010.00

With that breakdown, we practically got to tour the entirety of Singapore. You can even get a discount by using the code HOLIYAY800 via the Mobile App to get Php800 off or  HOLIYAY500 via a Desktop to get Php500 off for a minimum spend of Php10,000! For more details, check out this link: https://goo.gl/9iwYhP

Visit Singapore while the promo code is still available. It’s never too late to live like a Crazy Rich Asian at a Crazy Reasonable Amount!




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