Explore Different Cuisines at These Fancy Restaurants in Cebu

A star has been shining brightly in the Queen City of the South – the NUSTAR Resort & Casino, Cebu. Nestled on an island already known for its warm hospitality, the establishment sets new standards of luxury in accommodations, leisure, and exquisite culinary experience. Cue in The Mall | NUSTAR, one of its entities, which unfolds a paradise for adventurous foodies with the grand launch of its casual restaurants and premier cinemas.

Frederick Go, President and CEO of Robinsons Land Corporation (RLC) and Universal Hotels and Resorts Inc. (UHRI), shares, “Our selection of restaurants at NUSTAR Mall adds a new dimension to the exquisite experience we provide at NUSTAR Resort and Casino. We believe in delivering top-notch dining options that complement our commitment to bringing luxury and entertainment to the Visayas and Mindanao region.”

From luxury retail brands, and world-class cinemas to tranquil spas and the first Filipino 5-star hotel (Fili Hotel), families and friends will find an abundance of options that can keep them engaged for hours. And, mirroring the diversity of activities, the premier establishment now offers an array of dining options, making NUSTAR Mall a melting pot of global flavors housed within a well-designed complex with unmatched elegance and ambiance. 

Embark on a global culinary journey as you explore an enticing selection of local and international cuisines, including American, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, and Filipino (especially Cebuano). Discover thousands of delectable dishes waiting to be savored in this gastronomic paradise. 

A global gastronomic adventure awaits at NUSTAR! Savor the taste of various cuisines without venturing out of the country with the stellar lineup of restaurants in NUSTAR Resorts & Casino, led by the only Mott 32 in the Philippines, and new-to-market culinary spots that aim to elevate the local dining experience. 

Café Laguna: Celebrating Tagalog Roots

Cafe Laguna Seafood Platter

Photo: NUSTAR Resorts & Casino

Café Laguna brings the rich culinary heritage of Laguna to Cebu. Savor familiar Filipino classics like Kare Kare and Sinigang, among others. While here, don’t miss out on its NUSTAR Mall-exclusive offerings, including the crispy Cochinillo, Pangat na Salmon, and Aligue Fried Rice. Complement meals with Pako and Pomelo Salad and Langcabcab (langka ice cream, cassava wafer, and latik) for dessert. Open daily from 11am to 10pm, Mondays to Thursdays, and 11am-11pm Fridays to Sundays.

Koshima by Nonki: Elevated Japanese Dining

Koshima by Nonki Funamori

Photo: NUSTAR Resorts & Casino

Nonki, translating to “carefree” in English, endeavors to offer patrons an easy-going dining encounter. Its new concept, Koshima, which means “small island”, pays homage to NUSTAR Resort & Casino’s history as a small island before the establishment was built. Koshima by Nonki focuses on delivering exceptional Japanese food and sake pairings through its unique menu items, such as Kurobuta Tonkatsu, Miso Katsu, Wagyu Yakiniku, Wagyu Shabu Shabu, Wagyu Sukiyaki, Chanko Nabe, and Wagyu Aburi Sushi. Those with a penchant for sweets will find an exclusive dessert menu, which includes matcha terrine and kuro goma pudding. Open daily from 11am to 10pm, Mondays to Thursdays, and 11am-11pm Fridays to Sundays.

Tom N Toms: Brewed to Perfection

To all coffee lovers, Tom N Toms at NUSTAR Mall becomes your upscale café on the island as it’s the first branch in the Philippines to follow the Burgundy concept, which introduces premium branding. Get coffee cravings satisfied with its single-origin coffee selections sourced from around the world, plus an array of signature freshly baked pretzels and pastries. Open daily from 11am to 10pm, Mondays to Thursdays, and 11am to 11pm, Fridays to Sundays.

Abaca Baking Company: The Ultimate Brunch Destination

Abaca Baking Company Pan Seared Seabass

Photo: NUSTAR Resorts & Casino

Located on the Upper Ground Floor, Abaca Baking Company (ABC) takes pride in its meticulously crafted offerings to maintain the essence of what the restaurant represents while infusing a unique and cohesive look, design elements, and branding. These include improved menu items like flatbreads, seabass, and baked penne, alongside other menu favorites which comprise decadent waffles to salads, stuffed croissants, and steaks. ABC also prioritizes building meaningful relationships with local farmers to source ingredients, with the goal of elevating the quality of the products. Open daily from 11am to 10pm, Mondays to Thursdays, and 11am to 11pm Fridays to Sundays.

Kazuwa Prime: A Meat Lover’s Paradise


Photo: NUSTAR Resorts & Casino

Looking for a meatier bite to satiate your appetite? Head to NUSTAR Mall’s The Strip and take a seat at Kazuwa Prime. It offers a distinctive dining experience with exclusive pairings that are not to be missed. For meat enthusiasts, its A5 wagyu is unparalleled and complements exceptional seafood choices, such as fresh Norwegian salmon and imported Japanese oysters. To enhance the meal, the dining place offers appetizers like ankimo and shirako, and exclusively uses fresh wasabi imported directly from Japan. For private dining, it has options like the Teppanyaki table and Japanese-themed rooms with tatami seating for a more elevated experience, whether for an intimate dinner or a special celebration with loved ones. Open daily from 11am to 12mn. 

Barcino: Indulge in Spanish Delicacies

Barcino Paella Negra

Photo: NUSTAR Resorts & Casino

Another must-visit at the mall’s The Strip is Barcino. Led by Spanish-native Executive Chef Nicolas Diaz, it prides itself on cuisine that specializes in Northern Spanish fare, offering hearty paellas, delectable tapas, and a range of unique regional dishes. The design of Barcino in NUSTAR Mall seamlessly blends tradition and modernity, with an alfresco dining area providing stunning seaside views. The restaurant features an overall dining space that reflects Spanish elegance and Cebu’s vibrant culture, including the all-glass wine room, which houses Barcino’s extensive wine collection, delivering a unique tasting experience for enthusiasts. Open on Sundays to Thursdays, from 11am to 12mn, and on Fridays to Saturdays, from 11am to 2am.

Taiwan Shabu Shabu: Hot Pot to Soothe All Cravings 

Catering to all tastes and dietary needs, Taiwan Shabu Shabu provides the freshest and top-quality ingredients from broth, vegetables, and proteins, to seafood. Their diverse menu showcases a selection of broths, meats, and dipping sauces, allowing patrons to customize their meals to their taste preferences. Open daily from 11am to 10pm, Mondays to Thursdays, and 11am to 11pm Fridays to Sundays.

Yeonwha by Kaya: A Korean Delight 

Kaya Aged Prime Beef Rib Eye

Photo: NUSTAR Resorts & Casino

Renowned for its premium meats and delectable side dishes, Kaya will soon make their debut at NUSTAR Mall. They offer exclusive treats such as han woo (Korean beef) and sot bap, a stone pot rice dish prepared with a variety of savory ingredients. 

When down South in Cebu City, have a full degustation experience – one that not only satiates your palate but also elevates your spirit with truly unforgettable meals. At The Mall | NUSTAR, discover a new way to explore the world through harmonious flavors and elevated dining experiences.