ENTERTAINMENT: Paulo Avelino Tweets About His Love Life And We’re All #Shookt!

PSA: Paulo Avelino is asking for love life this year!!!

It was a perfectly normal day today and everyone was just going around their own business… until Paulo Avelino suddenly tweeted something that basically shook us all.

The tweet says: “2017! Pahingi ng lovelife”

In case you (for some reason) didn’t know, Paulo Avelino is an award-winning TV and film actor who has captured the hearts of many.


Dubbed as the “Prince of Philippine Teleserye”, he is also known for playing Gregorio del Pilar in the historical film Heneral Luna, and Dio in the recently released film I’m Drunk, I Love You.

With his tweet, netizens were quick to reply. Here’s what people are saying:


Basically, everyone’s lining up and volunteering to be the answer to Avelino’s prayers.

And who wouldn’t? With his boyish charm and breathtaking good looks, it’s hard to not have a crush on Paulo Avelino.


Some fans are content with just seeing Paulo finally end up with his co-actress, Maja Salvador. The two were paired up for the film I’m Drunk, I Love You.

Maja played Paulo’s best friend who’s secretly in love with him.

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Some of just want some closure, you know? To see a happy ending in this world of “walang forever”.


But then again, some are just not yet ready for the possible heartbreak (as evidenced by I’m Drunk, I Love You).

Well, Paulo, we’re all just here.

Did Paulo Avelino’s tweet leave you #shookt? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!