ELEMENTO by The Art House and Search Mindscape Foundation

The Art House and Search Mindscape Foundation is excited to present ELEMENTO, a future-forward art experience at The Ayala Triangle in Makati City from November 17 to December 23.

ELEMENTO features a vibrant, multi-disciplinary, and interactive exposition, an invitation for guests to discover the power of art to inspire change, bridge communities, and amplify the conversation on sustainability.

Filipino pop artist Sean Go

One highlight of ELEMENTO is the Elemento Indoor Art Gallery and Gift Shop at The Shops at Ayala Triangle. It will be a vibrant curated space featuring 36 artists across various genres and art styles.

Among the featured artists is Sean Go, Filipino visual artist, is set to make a bold statement with his striking Pop Art creations. Go, known for his unique blend of quirky imagery and social commentary, uses cartoon characters and comic book heroes and villains to explore pressing issues such as the persistence of colonialism in the Philippines, the emptiness of capitalism, and perceptions of beauty.

For ELEMENTO, Go’s featured works fuse pop characters from comics, anime, and  Filipino snacks such as taho, corned beef, ube, and puto. His works are created using sustainable paint made from recycled rubber tsinelas or flip flops.

Elemento Nov 17 Ayala Triangle

To complement the indoor gallery and gift shop, ELEMENTO also embraces digital innovation with a dedicated space showcasing augmented reality, NFTs, and films that transcend time, mortality, and space.

Catch ELEMENTO at The Shops at Ayala Triangle Gardens until December 23. To know more about this exposition, follow Art House on Facebook and Instagram.