Eighth Mermaid Swimwear, For The Sassy Sun Babes

Finally, it’s summer again! The season for countless pool parties and exciting beach getaways! Got your swimwear ready? Have fun under the sun with trendy and quality swimwear to make most out of your summer trips! These swimwear pieces from Eighth Mermaid are just perfect for the season!


Eighth Mermaid carries this season’s most stylish line of swimwear with the highest quality materials. Their designs play with gorgeous patterns and solid colors. With keen attention to every detail, Eighth Mermaid has become a brand that fashions the perfect swimsuits for sassy sun babes. Available in different sizes, their pieces will surely complement your body like how a great swimwear should.

This Revel White swimwear is from their Neoprene series. A modern and classy swimsuit line with an active aesthetic which used solid colors and bold linings to showcase the wearer’s body curves beautifully in every angle.





Your body can never go wrong with this beautiful pattern of blue and white from their Print series. Available in a two-piece or full piece swimwear, this swimwear is your best bet for your perfect summer photos.




Make every summer moment memorable with wonderful photos of you wearing your sassy swimwear. Showcase your inner mermaid and have fun under the sun with premier swimsuits from Eighth Mermaid!

Photos used in this article are from Eighth Mermaid’s Instagram account.

Eighth Mermaid Swimwear



Instagram: @eighthmermaid


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