5 Things College Students Can Do This Summer

Summer has officially arrived! And for many college students, it’s the time for long hours of sleep and rocking-hard parties. But for those of you who don’t fancy the life of a party animal, here are 5 things to do this summer to pass the time:

5. Find a new hobby.

Since you won’t be too busy jamming it out with friends, summer is a good time to start looking for a hobby. If you have an inclination for music, now is a good time to learn an instrument. If you’re into poetry, it’s time to let out those inner poetic feelings. Learning a new hobby won’t only give you self-satisfaction and a new skill, it’ll also save you from spending time unproductively. After all, once you start dealing with work after graduation, you won’t have the leisure of learning new things just as easy anymore. 

5 Things College Students Can Do This Summer

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4. Learn a new language.

Imagining a trip to Paris? Or perhaps Greece? It would be to your best interest to learn the country’s language before heading over there. Learning a new language can be very beneficial for your future endeavors, so it’s worth taking a jump at now. It can be a little hard at first, but it becomes fulfilling once you get a hang of it. You might decide to take a trip to Paris one day, and it would make a good impression if you know the language. And let’s face it, being called a “polyglot” does sound cool.

5 Things College Students Can Do This Summer

3. Work out.

Summer might be the best time to laze around after a whole year of burning eyebrows and flexing those brain muscles, but it’s also a good time to give your physical appearance some quality time. All the stress-eating and midnight rummaging while cramming school work might have thrown your figure a little off. So when’s a better time to tone those muscles again and lose those excess fat than during summer, right? Keeping your body in top shape doesn’t only offer points for looks; it also keeps your body healthy.

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2. Read a book…for leisure.

You might have sworn not to open a book this summer after you’ve buried your head in books all year. But reading a book for leisure isn’t the same as reading school lectures; it’s less straining and a good way to distress. In fact, according to the University of New Hampshire, “it [leisure reading] also can help inspire creativity, which is a great way to exercise your mind in a fun and care free way.” So if you want to feel creative, try to grab a book and read. 

5 Things College Students Can Do This Summer

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1. Make new friends.

Summer isn’t only a good time to develop yourself physically and mentally, it’s also a good time to develop yourself socially. Because there are hardly reasons to go out (unless going out with friends), chances of meeting new people are really low on summer. But growing your network and circle of friends is a good thing to do during the summer time. Good friendship is a valuable thing to have, and if you take good care of your bonds with other people, you’re sure to find help when in a bind.

So how can you start meeting new people? One way is joining community activities. Getting to know people in your own community is one good way to plant good relationships with those around you. Another way is finding a group that share the same interest as you. There are groups for many different hobbies: photography, reading, painting, volunteerism, you name it! All you have to do is find them. 

5 Things College Students Can Do This Summer

What are some other activities you think college students ca get into this summer? We’d love to hear from you! And don’t forget: Carpe Diem ( that’s “seize the day” for ya)!



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