Stilts Beach Resort: A Serene Paradise in Calatagan

Every once in a while, the metro life can get too stressful and can start clouding your mind. It can make you feel very exhausted and frustrated which can also affect your work productivity. This is why you should find some time for relaxation and tranquility whenever you feel this exhaustion in order to balance your state of mind. A good way to have this absolute serenity is to have a quick getaway from the city. Give yourself a break and take a peek into this serene paradise in Batangas.


Stilts Beach Resort is the perfect place for those who want to experience the infinite calmness of the beach. With different types of accommodations and lots of exciting activities, Stilts Resort is definitely a place you should visit.


The resort is conveniently located in the municipality of Calatagan in Batangas. From Manila, you can either take a bus or a van heading straight to Calatagan or you can opt to drive for a couple of hours.


Upon entering the area of the resort, you will be welcomed by a bountifully green surrounding along the driveway going to the main parking space and reception. The resort staff is very efficient and welcoming.

Stilts Beach resort aims to foster a calm and harmonious environment. You will really sense the tranquility when you visit the place. The resort is surrounded with beautiful plants and trees that brings out a peaceful breeze. They also named different areas, beaches, and rooms of the resort after positive words such as “serenity,” “peace,” “dreams,” “wishes,” and a lot more!


They have different types of accommodation needs ranging from family guests, couples, corporate team building, events, etc. You can opt for a villa, beach side cottages, a tree house, or their famous floating cottages which are best for family trips.


Check out this really cute tree house surrounded with plants and trees. The area of the tree house also have benches, swings, and its own small beach.


See the famous floating cottages of Stilts Beach Resort. The cottages range from small, medium, and large sizes that can comfortably accommodate from 10 to 20 persons.


All their rooms have a clean look with all white walls, furniture, sheets, and pillowcases. Just looking at these beds makes you wanna lay down and bury yourself in the white comforters!


They also have a lot of exciting resort activities that will keep you busy having fun! I tried their stand-up paddle board with mangrove tour, snorkeling, and off-road ATV ride.


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