A First Time Lone Traveler’s Guide to Calaguas

For my birthday weekend, I decided to try traveling alone for the first time. While planning my trip, I was thinking if I should go for a quick trip to Batangas. Then I asked myself, why not challenge myself to go somewhere far and isolated? That’s when I decided to go to Calaguas for my first solo trip.

Calaguas is a remote island located in Camarines Norte, 10-12 hours away from Manila. There is no mobile signal in the island, so if you wanna detach from the stressful life in the city, Calaguas is the place to go!

How to get there

I booked a 9:45PM DLTB bus trip to Daet, Camarines Norte from Cubao. The fare costs P513 for a regular, air conditioned bus ride. I arrived at the Daet terminal at exactly 6 in the morning. I went to meet the tour guide and other travelers booked for that weekend. We all went to Vinzons port and took the boat ride to the island together. Most of my co-travelers went in groups or with their partners so I was the only solo traveler. They kept on complimenting me on being brave enough to actually go on a long trip alone (self high five!).

It was a tough boat ride going to the island! Big ocean waves rocked the small open boat we were riding. We faced strong winds and salt water would splash all over our faces! No worries though about your baggage getting wet. They packed our bags in big plastics before leaving Daet as they already anticipated these water splashes throughout the ride. It’s probably the scariest boat ride I’ve ever been on! But the lovely ocean view made the trip bearable.


After 2 hours of boat ride terror (just kidding, it wasn’t that bad), we were finally in the island. Check out the view. It’s like one of those vacation spots you thought you’d only dream of going.


Seafood Paradise

Indeed, it was a very peaceful island. I forgot about my phone and the fact that I won’t be reachable for until afternoon the next day. That was the kind of isolation I needed for the weekend.

We stayed in these small cottages before our tents were set up. We were separated into groups so that we were divided into 4-5 people per cottage. I was included in a group of 5. My groupmates were 2 couples so I was the group’s fifth wheel (hahaha-huhuhu!). Later that day, our tents were set up by the guides. I had a tent all to myself! 🙂

HyaCalaguas24These huts are lovely!



It actually felt refreshing to meet and bond with new people. We shared stories about other trips we’ve had. I enjoyed everything more than I expected.

Another thing you have to know about Calaguas is that they serve really good seafood dishes! Shrimps, fish, squids, yum! It was a seafood paradise indeed! And by the way, did I mention they served unlimited rice? You can only imagine how much I ate that weekend!

HyaCalaguas2Sinigang na Hipon


HyaCalaguas7Crispy Boneless Dilis


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