A First Time Lone Traveler’s Guide to Calaguas

Island activities

Of course, an island trip would not be complete without the fun activities! Aside from swimming in the endlessly beautiful turquoise water, you can visit rock formations, go kayaking, body boarding, trekking, snorkeling, and island hopping! Who said isolation will bore you?

My favorite activity was the trekking. We trekked twice during our stay in the island. First time was in the main island of Calaguas and the second time was in a neighboring island. The view up there is just priceless.






Responsibility to nature

Despite all the fun and relaxation, though, always keep in mind that we are responsible in maintaining the beauty and cleanliness of nature. Visitors of the island are advised to avoid littering and to dispose their trash properly. Let’s all be the responsible tourists; preserve the beauty of the places we visit by maintaining their cleanliness.


Since it was my first time to travel alone, I wasn’t not really sure how to go about a self-planned trip to Calaguas without messing up. I could imagine myself not knowing where to eat, being lost in the island not knowing what to do, having to bring a huge tent and failing to set it up. Special thanks to Sir Noli and Kuya Heins for making sure my Calaguas experience is unforgettable!


For a hassle-free trip to Calaguas, you can book your trip with Best Calaguas TourI highly recommend them because the rate is very affordable; only P2300 for 2D3N and P3200 for 3D2N. The package is already inclusive of breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals, boat transfers to and from Daet to Calaguas, tour guide, cottage, tent, and island activities like trekking, island tour, island hopping, snorkeling, kayaking, and body boarding.

Basically, all you have to do is relax and enjoy the beauty the island has to offer. The best part of this trip is that there is no minimum number of persons required for booking! You can travel alone and pay the same rate! Perfect for those planning to travel alone. Here is their contact numbers, for your booking inquiries: 0917 9595 985 (Globe) and 0920 661 1018 (Smart)


Calaguas was indeed the perfect place for first time solo travelers like me—beautiful island, good food, detachment from the stressful metro life, meeting other people, and hearing their stories. For sure, I will never forget my first lone travel. Now, looking forward to my next adventure!



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