Eat-All-You-Can: 10 Awesome Buffet Restaurants in Manila

Anything and Everything in Between

10. NIU


Hundreds of dishes prepared by some of the top chefs in the city, NIU is the newest addition to the Vikings’ growing chain of eat-all-you-can restaurants. However, compared to its sister restaurants, NIU comes with a more refined ambiance, almost comparable to the vibe of fine dining restaurants. They also offer private areas that are ideal for intimate dinners and important meetings.

9. DADS World Buffet

DADS World Buffet

Known for their Japanese, Continental, and Filipino food selection, DADS World Buffet offers a palatable feast for all with a sizeable appetite. The amazing part about them is that every dish has a distinct taste that is true to its fundamental flavors. Every dish gives a unique experience, and tastes just as good as you’d expect it to be; no two dishes taste alike.

8. Banzai, The Great Teppanyaki Theater

Banzai Teppanyaki Japanese Buffet

Going Japanese? Banzai, The Great Teppanyaki Theater is a unique buffet restaurant known to transport you to the Land of Rising Sun with its interiors and food offering. All food is freshly prepared and their numerous Japanese buffet stations have plenty of delicious dishes just waiting to be devoured.

The Teppanyaki Station is a star in this restaurant as spatula-yielding chefs cook food with a show. Additionally, you can find a generous selection of tempura, katsu, rolls, sashimi, sushi, yakitori, and ramen.

7. Sakae Sushi

Sakae Sushi

For all things sushi, Sakae Sushi is the go-to place that is light on the budget. This restaurant offers all-day sushi buffet conveyor belt-style. This dining concept gives you the opportunity to try any sushi running around the conveyor belt without getting up your seat. The food comes to you, grab anything that you like, and watch your empty plates pile up.

6. The Round Table

The Round Table Buffet Kapitolyo Pasig

The Round Table is a new eat-all-you-can restaurant that just opened early this year. It has a unique concept of offering a different buffet theme on a daily basis, which gives the element of surprise to its diners. It may be a small restaurant, which only seats about 25 people, but it gives a certain level of exclusivity.

5. Vikings


One of the biggest buffet restaurant in the metro, Vikings takes pride as being the luxury buffet for every Juan. Vikings stands out as a charming restaurant that can take your taste buds on an instant trip around the world. From salads to the main course dishes to desserts, this is a dining place foodies should never miss out on.

Healthy Choices

4. Four Seasons Hotpot City

Four Seasons Hotpot and Buffet Cubao Mae Ilagan (48 of 61)

Dubbed as an eat-all-you-can stop on a healthier spectrum, Four Seasons Hotpot City is a buffet of healthy selections from the Vikings Group. It has a large selection of meat, seafood, vegetables, noodles, dumplings, and meatballs. For the broth, they offer pork, chicken, fish, vegetable, and sinigang.  For the mix, they offer tomato paste, chinese herb, szechuan mala, sate, or sukiyaki.

3. Cravings Buffet

Cravings Buffet

Cravings Buffet boasts their farm-to-table selection of freshly picked organic ingredients, tossed and cooked to perfection. A popular area on their buffet spread is the salad bar with the ingredients freshly picked from an Antipolo farm. Pigging out without worrying too much on your weight is now possible with Cravings Buffet.

Always Save Room for Dessert

2. Love Desserts

Love Desserts

Satisfy your sweet cravings with a smorgasbord of desserts at Love Desserts. This restaurant offers a huge selection of sweets including cakes, cookies, macaroons, crepes, halo-halo, and more.

Love Desserts started when owner Jen and her family had arguments about what to get for dessert after dinner. She shares that her kids and her husband always want different desserts. She then thought of having a dessert buffet for those who always have a hard time choosing what to have for that sweet ending.

1. Gillian Gail Dessert Buffet

Gillian Gail

A quaint cafe with sugary delight offering, Gillian Gail gives you immense sweet choices such as cupcakes, macarons, cheesecake shots, chocolates, cakes, candies, cake pops, ice cream, and other desserts that can be served upon request.

Gillian Gail is owned by Adelene Aragon, Dennis Choi, and Gail Gorospe. They are proud to say that all the desserts are created fresh daily in their kitchen, execept for the candy, which they import from Malaysia.

Definitely, there are other buffet restaurants in the metro but these are just some that we have tried out and we found that are within our liking.

How about you? What’s your favorite buffet restaurant?