DADS World Buffet Brings the Best from All Corners of the Globe in One Place!

DADS World Buffet Brings the Best from All Corners of the Globe in One Place!



Greek, Spanish, Mexican and Chinese Delights at the all-new DADS World Buffet!


When in Manila, everyone’s favorite eat-all-you-can destination, DADS Buffet opens our taste buds to a world of new and exciting flavors and textures for the New Year. DADS Buffet has recently incorporated a number of international dishes to their current Japanese, continental and Filipino offerings at DADS, Kamayan and Saisaki, to make way for a palatable feast everyone with a sizeable appetite should experience – collectively known as DADS World Buffet.


DADS World Buffet

All kinds of protein goodness at DADS World Buffet


Apart from their already expansive offerings (Japanese being my absolute favorite of the bunch), DADS World Buffet now brings a selection of the most prominent cuisines from all corners of the globe, as well. Fill your plate with dishes from North and South America, Asian delicacies, and some tasty European discoveries all in one go at DADS World Buffet. 


A Katsu station!



Roast Turkey Carving Station 


Walking around the sprawling buffet tables of DADS World Buffet can easily leave one pleasantly overwhelmed. We found an assortment of Chinese dimsum to one side and a Japanese Katsu table on the other, filled with pork, chicken, and other types of Katsu and unlimited cabbage salad. Adjacent to that was DADS World Buffet’s tempura and sushi/maki selection, filled with their famous handcrafted Japanese delights. A few paces away were tables of glistening Greek souvlaki and Brazilian churrascaria, and beyond those was a Tex-Mex spread that offered a fajita platternachossoft-shell tacos, and quesadillas.  Over to the far end of DADS World Buffet we also spotted a Tapas spread along with other Spanish favorites like PaellaLengua and Callos, and an even wider selection of pastas! 


Sukiyaki Hot Pot Section



Loads of Thai food options 


And if that wasn’t enough to whet your appetite, DAD’s World Buffet also offers an array of Asian cuisine, from Singaporean Hainanese Chicken to an array of Malaysian curries, savory and spicy Thai soups and noodles, Vietnamese spring rolls and pho, Indonesian Satay and even a Sukiyaki Hot Pot table! I myself couldn’t decide which one I should attack first!

DADS World Buffet

Flavors from all over Asia 


 And the best part about DAD’s World Buffet is that each dish offers a distinct taste that is true to its fundamental flavors. Every dish is a unique experience, and tastes just as good as you’d expect it to be; no two dishes taste alike! Major kudos to the super talented chefs of DAD’s World Buffet for their killer kitchen skills, I sure enjoyed plate after plate of everything they had to offer. 


Happy Feasting! 


With dozens of enticing gustatory additions to DAD’s World Buffet at such an affordable price, this Filipino staple should definitely be on your list of top food trip destinations for this year! It is no wonder DADS has consistently been a Filipino favorite for buffet feasting When in Manila.





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DADS World Buffet Brings the Best from All Corners of the Globe in One Place!

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