Gillian Gail Dessert Buffet: Where There’s Always Room for Dessert

Gillian Gail Dessert Buffet: Where There’s Always Room for Dessert


When in Manila, buffets and eat-all-you-can restaurants flank roads and occupy malls all around the city. Have you ever found yourself just wanting to skip the entrees, main courses, salad bars, and go kid-crazy over the dessert selections, though? If so, you might be thinking that you won’t get bang for your buck.

If you just want a buffet of sugary dessert options, follow the candy trail along Katipunan towards Gillian Gail Dessert Buffet.


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Owned by trio Adelene Aragon, Dennis Choi, and Gail Gorospe, Gillian Gail is a quaint cafe with a bantam buffet of desserts.

They have cupcakes, macarons, cheesecake shots, chocolates, cakes, candies, cake pops, ice cream, and other desserts that can be served upon request. Stepping into the cafe is like going inside Audrey Hepburn’s room, but with Katy Perry’s candy buffet in it.

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All the selections in the buffet are created and concocted daily at their kitchen, save for the candy, which is imported from a supplier in Malaysia. 

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Seriously. How cute is this cupcake Ferris wheel?

We tried the red velvet cupcake — really good, with very flavorful icing and a gelatin-like filling inside (sorry for the spoiler!)

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I absolutely loved the taste of this fried palitaw. I liked their take on it, where they added peanut butter on top and sprinkled it with sugar and sesame seeds. This palitaw is one of the desserts served upon request (since they’re perishable).


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Hands down, this is the best creme brulee I’ve ever tasted. The sweetness level is just right with amazingly smooth texture, and the burnt sugar crust on the top is perfect. Be sure to request for this bestseller when you visit Gillian Gail!

We also tried their blueberry crepe — the filling was good, and it went nicely with the vanilla ice cream. Aside from the palitaw, crepe, and creme brulee, other desserts you can request for are panna cotta, cream puff, apple pie, to name a few.

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