Love Desserts: A Buffet Restaurant for the Ultimate Dessert Lover!

If there were a fatal incident I would want to be in, it would be a food coma. I guess everyone would like that! Buuuuuut, for the ultimate dessert lovers (like myself), wouldn’t it be such a fit if you find yourself surrounded by cakes, macarons, cheesecakes, cream puffs, brownies and other sweet delights? Guess your mouth is watering now just by the mention of those. Why not satisfy your sweet tooth big time at Love Desserts?


Love Desserts 17


I bet you’ve heard that name a couple (or more) times. Love Desserts is a dessert haven (and heaven) with rows and stacks of incredibly yummy sweets and cakes, and more! You can now spot this dessert buffet (yes, read it again, in capitals this time: BUFFET) not only at the famed Banawe Street, but also at another branch in Fairview!


Love Desserts 16


Love Desserts started when owner Jen and her family had arguments about what to get for dessert after dinner. She shares that her kids and her husband always want different desserts. She then thought of having a dessert buffet for those who always have a hard time choosing what to have for that sweet ending.


Love Desserts 15

Love Desserts 18


Since Jen is a pastry chef, putting up Love Desserts seemed like the most natural thing to do. Being the first dessert  buffet in the country, this concept has reached a lot of people, making them a buzz for the people it try out. Now, Love Desserts continues to spread sweetness and happiness to its diners. Most of her guests are dayo, as her two branches are both in QC. Families, barkadas, couples – you name it, Love Desserts has catered to them. And why not? The happy vibe that envelops the whole place is just as good a start as to having your first bite of their treats, lovingly made fresh everyday for you.


Love Desserts 2

Enjoy different cake flovors.

Love Desserts 3

Have a slice of their Brazo de Mercedes…

Love Desserts 4

 …or a Rainbow Cake!

Love Desserts 7

How about a whole cake? Haha!

Love Desserts 8

Cute, sweet, colorful macarons