Duterte fires Pasig river rehab head in pursuit of eliminating corruption

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Last month, it was reported that Pasig River Warriors have cleaned up to over 30,000 kilos or 1,000 sacks of garbage.

In last month’s update of the rehabilitation of the Pasig river, there were even before and after photos where PRRC Executive Director Goitia shared the reason they decided to do the cleanup at BASECO.

“It is a critical area for rehabilitation […] its community is susceptible to the effects of flooding and storm surges caused by typhoons or heavy rains,” Goitia shared in the previous month.

The Philippine Star reports that President Rodrigo Duterte has apparently removed Jose Antonio Goitia from his position due to accounts of purported transgression within the Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission (PRRC).

The announcement was made public on Tuesday, September 10, by Presidential spokesman Salvador Panelo at the 2019 Outstanding Government Workers in Malacañang ceremony.

Panelo mentioned that the termination is in line with the President’s instruction of eliminating corruption and graft, he said: “The Palace announces the termination of the appointment of Mr. Jose Antonio E. Goitia as the executive director of the Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission.”

He further states Duterte has been focusing on eradicating corruption within the government and that firing Goitia was to fortify that other public officials and employees must be worthy of public trust.

“We hope that this shall serve as another example that this administration does not – and will never – tolerate corrupt practices in the bureaucracy and in public service,” Panelo added.

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